Advanced Forms Designer Layout

Advanced Forms Designer

Advanced Forms Designer

So the other day i was sitting and was asked, “I have multiple bank accounts and don’t want multiple layouts for my Invoices. How can you sort this out?” I immediately went into my work draw, slipped on my Superman….slippers…and got cracking. It was during the PJ Masks movie, with my kids, that it struck me with a fist pump how to do it, and I am about to Save the Day with you…

So step one was to create some user defined fields for the document. In this drop down version of user defined fields, I created the list of banks that was needed.

Advanced Forms Designer Bank UDF

Opening up the forms designer now, i went and inserted the fields where i needed them. now bearing in mind only one of the banks will print, i overlapped these on the actual layout.

Advanced Forms Designer Layout

I then used some coding, sorry I said Advanced Forms designer, not Advanced Advanced. But now comes the true test, i opened an Invoice and tested. First using the option of FNB as my bank. When the document printed this is the result (have included a snip of bank chosen too).

Advanced Forms Designer FNB

But the question now, will it work on Standard bank so here goes…

Advanced Forms Designer Standard Bank


Now you think what would happen if you added say Nedbank. Call me and I will do it for you.

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