BCEA Office Posters

BCEA Office Posters

Labour Compliance Compulsory BCEA Office Posters! Very few Employers are actually aware of the fact that the Department of Labour has made it a mandatory requirement that the office or workplace has got specific posters visible to all Employees.

One of these being the BCEA Office Posters (Basic Conditions of Employment Act) Poster. Not to worry, we have got your back.

BCEA Office Posters

BCEA Office Posters Summary :

This notice as amended on 29 August 2014 must be displayed by all employers, in terms of Section 30 of the Act, in the official languages used at any place where employees work. This would include any branch operations, depots, shops etc.

They are available in all eleven official languages and at various different retails stores (online stores).

Office Requirements :

There is no specific amount of BCEA office Posters that should be displayed in a office, but you must display a summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment (BCEA) Act where all employees can see it.

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Safety officers
  • Trade unions
  • Employers
  • Managers
  • Industry

The following is one of many examples of the kind of information one is to find on the BCEA Posters :

All employees receive meal intervals during work intervals as required by national law and industry standards

What does this mean?

  • The BCEA states that employee who works continuously for more than five hours must be given a meal interval of at least one continuous hour.
  • If agreed in writing a meal interval can also be reduced to not less than 30 minutes.
  • A meal interval can also be dispensed with if an employee works fewer than six hours a day.

Where Can I Purchase these BCEA Office Posters?

We are happy to inform that we have made provision to ensure that you as our valued clients, don’t have to search all over to find these posters. For your convenience, these posters can be bought directly from our office.

The Posters specifications are :

  • A1 Size – 59.4 x 84.1 cm
  • Laminated
  • Price : R190.00 Excluding VAT

Feel free to contact our office on 021 447 9565 or log a support request (by Clicking Here) if you are interested and I will personally contact you to ensure you receive your order in the timeliest manner possible.

We ship to anywhere in South Africa.

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