Bulk email in Sage Evolution

If you’re a Sage Evolution user, then like most, you look for ways to work smarter, not harder – bulk email is smarter. It has been said that lazy people are the most efficient, because they’ll always find the quickest solution to solve anything they’re faced with. I’m sure the developers of Sage Evolution aren’t lazy and if they were I wouldn’t dare say so, but they have created some very useful shortcuts for the rest of the Sage Evolution end-user population (which is growing in leaps and bounds – #just saying).

One of these handy tricks the accounting software offers is the option to send processed Sage Evolution invoices in bulk. It’s really quite simple and makes emailing clients their invoices that much easier. It’s quite important to ensure that email address fields are populated in the master-files and a generic message is created. Once this legwork is done, the rest is a breeze.

Bulk email visual:

Bulk Email Selection

Simply call us on + 27 21 447 9565 and one of our Cape Town based consultants will gladly assist you to send processed Sage Evolution invoices in bulk.

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