FAQ – How do I retrieve my Teamviewer Password?

Once installed you will need to give you support consultant your ID and Password, if you have forgotten your password, the Remote Software will not automatically display it, you will need to change the display setting to allow your password to be viewed.  To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1 : This is what your default pop up screen will look like (no password)

TeamViewer No Password

Step 2 : In the Icon tray, right click on the Teamviewer Icon and select Options.

TeamViewer Options

Step 3 : Select Security option and choose your password strength. Click OK.

TeamViewer Security

 Step 4 : Open TeamViewer Host, you will now see your ID & Password (Your support Consultant will need this information)

TeamViewer with Password

How to Manage your Subscription Notifications

Communication is one of the key indicators in almost any relationship.  With all the current methods of communication often being only 1 way (e.g.: Marketing emails and/or Newsletters, sales sms’s, etc.), we have decided to embed our Blogs into our Website to add value to our services by creating an easily accessible and controllable communication platform for you.

Instead of Newsletters, you will get a notification whenever a Blog is posted.  Each Blog will be specifically categorised, and, you have the ability to control the filters by selecting the categories that you get notifications for.  Our consultants will be posting information relevant to each product, including a selection of: “News”, “How to”, “Tips & Tricks”, “Reporting”, and, “Troubleshooting” blogs.  You’ll then be able to post any questions specific to your environment and we’ll respond.

“How Do I Log-On to Manage my Subscription Notifications?”:
Step 1   Go directly to http://www.e2e.co.za/wp-login.php and Log In
Step 2   Enter your “Username” and “Password”
Step 3   Once Logged In, select the “Follow Plugin”


and your list of subscribed categories will be displayed, along with the email format (text, html, etc.).  You can then select or deselect categories as required.  You can also filter by specific Blogger:
(click on image to enlarge)


We’re continually striving to increase our Value Adds, feedback is always appreciated.

Kind regards


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Pastel Accounting Troubleshooting & Datafixing
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