Payroll – SARS now Truly “On-Line” and Helping YOU eFile

Morning all our Avid Blog followers,

Almost time for Monthly EMP201’s and VAT returns to be submitted. If you playing it safe you would’ve joined the CyberCloud generation and be a monthly, bi-monthly, provisional or bi-annual  “SARS eFiler”.

Proudly South African!!! Now YOU can be good at TAX also…. (loving the SARS new slogan!!)

If you’ve been to the eFiling Log on Site recently you would’ve noticed an additional little blue icon.

Don’t be a drone and read a little.

This has now been released by SARS as an additional channel of assistance should you have any difficulty with SARS efiling in future should you opt not be wait in the sometimes inundated telephone support lines.

It would be Real Time online support where a SARS agent will be assisting you “On-Screen” with your issues or assist in new functionality.

I am attaching for your the terms & conditions as published by SARS for your perusal in this article. Always Read before using new resources.

Terms & Conditions

As always, we would like to get your input and feedback if the new functionalities are working for you.

Happy Filing!!