Evolution Freedom Service error 1603

During the installation of Sage Evolution business management software, certain PC’s might give you an error that there was a Sage Evolution Freedom Service setup error code 1603

“The Freedom Service setup did not complete successfully, error code is 1603”

Sage Evolution freedom service

This error is very common and is sometimes related to the DotNet Framework 4.5 or 3.5 not being properly installed on the PC.


It has not been turned on as a windows feature under Control Panel/Programs and features/Turn windows features on or off.

Sage Evolution freedom service: activate windows feature

Sage Evolution freedom service

Sage Evolution freedom service

You need to make sure the .Net Framework 3.5 or 4.5 has been ticked and turned on.

The PC might require a restart and then try re-installing Sage Evolution again.

For any questions, please comment below.



Sage Evolution CRM Gateway

Mobility is the new rage.  Fancy app-this, exciting smart phone-that but what’s the use if it doesn’t add value to your business, and, why Sage Evolution CRM Gateway?

If your clients could view or collect their own statements or invoices from Sage Evolution via a web service, would that save you or your accounts department time and enhance the clients experience with your business?

If your clients could log track-able communications with your business through Sage Evolution, would that add value to their experience with your company?  If your reps could follow up on client queries from their smart devices while sitting at a client, would that arm them to serve your clients better?

Of course it would!

If you don’t already have these facilities in place, one way or another, your competitors will have the edge.

It’s all about your client’s needs and the many ways to accommodate them. I’m talking about client facing services.

Extending your Sage Evolution CRM functionality to your clients, enhances their experience with your company.  Opening a convenient communication portal between you and your clients puts your business in another league.

The Sage Evolution CRM Gateway extends Sage Evolution CRM onto the web, enabling Evolution Agents and Customers to access this functionality via a web service.

Sage Evolution CRM Agent Zone Dashboard

The Summarised Dashboard in the Agent Zone of Sage Evolution

Clients can view statements, retrieve invoices, log incidents and track the status of their open incidents.  They can also update their information complete with a validation option so you can accept or reject these changes.

The Agent Zone has a Summarised Dashboard, seen here, where clients can log incidents, track open incidents, action incidents, create sales opportunities and more.

Imagine one of your clients’ technical director is out of office and so he receives a notice that there is a problem with their Business Platform and they can’t operate.  He logs onto your Sage Evolution Gateway using his smart device, logs the incident and copies the information he receives on the problem into the file.  Later that day he receives a confirmation from his business that everything is back on track.  Now that’s a VALUE ADD, yes?

Now imagine the same situation without the Sage Evolution Gateway service.

Convenience is key. How are you currently meeting these needs?

Brian 🙂

Sage Evolution Freedom Service

In the latest release of Sage Evolution Accounting Software Version 7 is a brand new feature called The Sage Evolution Freedom Service.

The Freedom Service is a tool that allows the Sage Evolution Accounting Software Dashboard and Central Search features of you company database to function.

By setting up the Freedom Service, the communication between the Sage Evolution Core and the SQL Server database will be enabled.

This in turn will enable dashboards displaying user selected information in visual and interactive graphs.

The features of the Sage Evolution Freedom service are enabled from V7 onwards:

Sage Evolution Freedom Service

These features can assist you and your staff by making it easier to access information from your Sage Evolution platform in a few clicks, therefore saving processing and enquiry time on your data.

For any questions please comment below.



SAGE Evolution EFTS Payments – Why you should be using it

One of the most underutilised of all the core functions, SAGE Evolution EFTS Payments or Electronic Funds Transfer Systems, enables users to pay suppliers electronically by submitting a file that the Sage Evolution system creates for you. You can also receive debit order payments from customers if you use the Sage Evolution Annuity Billing add-on module.

Using the EFTS function forSage Evolution, Sage Evolution EFTS, Sage Evolution Electronic Funds Transfer System, Pay Suppliers supplier payments is easy if you’ve set all the defaults correctly! This should not be a stressful process, so if you’re unsure, give us a call and one of our consultants will assist you.

Payments to Suppliers using EFTS can be created using one of two methods or functions:

Automatic Payment and Remittances
This gives you more choices but also involves more work. Some of the functions include:

• View invoices due per supplier
• Exclude or partially pay individual invoices
• Process discounts per invoice
• The system creates posted payments linked to invoices, not a batch of payments that you can amend
• Print remittance advices
• Pay suppliers electronically
• Print cheques
• The system prepares a provisional list of payments based on settings you supply, you can then modify individual payments.

Automatic Payment Batches

• Works through a range of suppliers and calculates which ones need payment.
• Creates a cashbook batch ready for posting.

With both Remittances and Batches, the following is applicable:

• Edit the batch and delete payments you do not wish to make
• A file, for import into your Bank’s electronic banking profile, is created.
• This EFTS file should be saved in a predetermined folder (a shared network folder is ideal if info needs to be accessed by multiple clerks). The file is then easily located and imported.
• Payments can be checked and verified before processing.
• It is important to note that if the suppliers banking details are not loaded on their Masterfile in Evolution, the EFTS batch import attempts will produce errors.

All round, EFTS payments are a time saver and ensure accuracy. The cashbook transactions need only be reconciled because they are automatically posted to the cashbook once the EFTS file is created. This saves time when processing bank statements. The supplier account is also taken care of with the instant allocation of payments and discounts.

As a Sage Evolution consultant, my job is to save you time and help you use your Sage Evolution software to its fullest potential. EFTS Automatic remittance and EFTS payment batches are core functions that I can highly recommend.

For questions, please comment below.


Evolution system tree load error

The following Sage Evolution system tree load error message may be received when an Evolution company is opened as the System Tree tries to load:

The end result is that the System Tree and all of its nodes on the left of the screen, do not properly display and so the user is forced to make use of the main menu on the top of the screen to navigate in his Evolution company.

Possible solution for the Evolution system tree load error:

1. Close Sage Evolution on the local PC where this error occurs on.

2. On the bottom right of the PC monitor, select the link below and then the Open Network and Sharing Center link:

Sage Evolution system tree load error

3. Select the Local Area Connection link:

Sage Evolution system tree load error

4. Select the Properties button below on the Local Area Connection Status screen:

Sage Evolution system tree load error

5. Deselect the Internet Protocol Version 6 option below and the OK button to save the setting:

Sage Evolution system tree load error

6. Open the Sage Evolution Company and the problem should have been resolved.

Also note:

The reason that some Sage Evolution workstations may never have experienced the above error message, even if their own Internet Protocol Version 6 options have been deselected, is due to the following:

IPv6 Connectivity could have the following status, seen below on the Local Area Connection Status screen. Therefore, this was never a factor in the first place.

Sage Evolution system tree load error


Message me if this doesn’t fix your problem, I have another solution that has worked for me too.


Blog Note:

This blog was written some time back and although I have another option that worked for me, and continues to work on occasion, the program has been developed further quite extensively and there may be other factors that could contribute to this error.  That being said, post your comments or drop me an email and we’ll see what can be done to assist you further 🙂

SAGE Evolution ERP Version 7 – The new feature

The highly anticipated SAGE Evolution ERP version 7. It has, amongst others, a new feature which ex Pastel Partner users have been asking for. I’m going to share the exciting new utilities function right here.

If you’ve ever had that terrifying moment when you realise you’ve entered the incorrect date on an invoice, or the incorrect customer/supplier amongst other things you’ll be pleased to know that correcting these little annoyances is no longer a tedious process of credit notes and re-invoicing. As you’ll see in the image below there are a number of new corrective functions to ease the stress of human error.

Utilities Function – where to find it:



Source Documents:

  • Change Document Customer or Supplier
  • Change Document Address
  • Change Document Project
  • Change Document Sales Rep
  • Change Document Date
  • Change Document Delivery Method
  • Change Document Description
  • Change Document Line Notes
  • Change Document Messages
  • Change Document Numbers
  • Change Document Settlement Terms
  • Change Document Tax Number
  • Change Document User Defined Field


Similarly, some basic batch transaction details can be corrected as well as customer and supplier transactions.




  • Change Batch Dates
  • Change Batch Line Description
  • Change Batch Line Project
  • Change Batch Line Reference
  • Change Batch Number


Customer Transactions:
  • Change Customer Transaction Date
  • Change Customer Transaction Description
  • Change Customer Transaction Project
  • Change Customer Transaction Reference
  • Change Customer Transaction Reference 2


Supplier Transactions:
  • Change Supplier Transaction Date
  • Change Supplier Transaction Description
  • Change Supplier Transaction Project
  • Change Supplier Transaction Reference
  • Change Supplier Transaction Reference 2

Please contact one of our friendly consultants to assis you with your upgrade so that you can take advantage of all this and many other new functions in SAGE Evolution version 7.

Until next time.





Sage Evolution – Job Manager

With financial & payroll year-ends many of us will be away on (well deserved) holidays. We will however, still require reports and information about our businesses on a daily/weekly basis. There are a number of ways of doing this in Evolution, depending on the reporting platform you are using for Evolution reporting. If you are using the Evolution standard reporting functionality (as opposed to the BIC or other platforms), you can accomplish this very easily using the Evolution “Job Manager”.

The “Job Manager” is shipped as standard functionality with Evolution Core. It is located in the Maintenance…Common Menu.

Job Open


The Job Manager has the following features/functionality:

  • Multiple jobs can be created and multiple reports can be generated within each job.
  • Each job is created with it’s own run schedule which can differ from job to job. Jobs/reports can also be run on an ad-hoc basis.
  • There are a number of delivery methods that can be used for report output – each report can have different/multiple delivery methods – print, save to file, e-mail.
  • Multiple delivery formats are available, the most common being Excel and PDF, but JPG, TXT and RTF are available.
  • Multiple e-mail addresses can be specified for e-mail delivery.
  • Jobs and reports can be individually enabled/disabled.
  • All instances are logged.

Setting up a Report Job

Click on “Add Job”, select “Report”

Add Job

Name the Job

Name Report Job

Tick “enable” to activate the job and click on the “scheduler” button to set your schedule – follow the scheduler wizard.

Job Schedule


Adding a Report to a Job

Click on the “Add Report” Button. Select the Evolution report that you would like to schedule. In the screen shot below, I have selected the Accounts Receivable Age Analysis – you will need to lookat the “Report Class” column in order to identify the correct report where reports in different modules have the same name.

Add Report

Select the delivery method and output format

Job Report Delivery method

Click on the “Parameters” tab and click on the “Designer” button. The standard Evolution report parameter dialog will pop up – set your required parameters and select your layout required.

Job Report Parameters

When you click on OK, the report parameters will be saved and displayed.

Job Report Parameter Display

You can now preview the report, amend settings, output, etc.

Click on the “Save” button to save your Job and Reports. Add/Change/Delete/Enable/Disable Jobs and reports as required.

You are now good to go!

Points to Note:

  • The Job Manager must be open on the server/workstation in order for it to run – it does not load as a service.
  • Do not change the parameter values in the grid shown above – use the “Designer” button to change your parameter values.
  • If you are in an Offline Branch Accounting environment, you will not be able to run branch specific report from “Head Office” – branch specific reports will have to be run from the branch specific databases.


Happy Reporting…



Our suite of Sage Pastel Accounting related Professional Services include:

Business Consulting

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Sales & Support

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll SARS Submission assistance

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Outsourcing

Sage Pastel Accounting Software Sales & Support

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Sage Evolution V7 – Why you should be excited!

The news is out and everyone’s excited for the latest Sage Evolution Version 7. Sage Pastel Accounting has launched Sage Evolution 7, bringing customers a new version of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that delivers the efficiencies and productivity gains offered by the latest mobile and cloud technologies.

So what is all the fuss about, Sage Pastel Accounting has moved onto a new Delphi XE5 technology platform to ensure that your investment in the software will be safe for many years into the future.

Sage Evolution version 7  has new usability features to help you work faster and more accurately. Sage Evolution has taken the opportunity to give the software a new look and feel by changing the icons to create a more user friendly interface. The icons were selected to represent the different modules more effectively and assist users to easily navigate their way around the software.


Some other features and functions in Sage Evolution 7 that will help you enhance productivity and save time include:

  • An Auto Text feature, similar to predictive text in smartphones, which saves time spent typing in common phrases and words.
  • A Global Search feature that makes it fast and easy to find transactions by value, category and date.
  • The Utilities function, which allows you to make quick changes to selected transactional data such as invoices. All changes are recorded in a log file to be viewed and reviewed again.
  • Key Performance Indicators Dashboards that present transactional information in a graphical format.
  • Support for an unlimited number of financial years so that you can keep your financial records for as long as you want to.
  • Visual reports – this amazing new feature is a pivot table allowing you to mix and match information to display the results as you would like to see it visually with full drill down functionality.
  • Sage Pastel Accounting has further tightened the security features of the software in the new version. You can now use more complex passwords or biometric identification (thumb or fingerprints) to protect your accounts.
  • Document Profiles allow you to control which data and information different users in the organisation may access.

Watch this space for release dates and other news on Version 7 release.

Until next time,


Evolution ERP – Outlook plugin crashes Excel

Computer Software has become such an enormous part of our daily lives in so many ways. Possibly the greatest achievement for many is the ability for one piece of software to integrate into another. This is the case with Evolution’s Resolve Premium which has a ‘plug-in’ option for Microsoft Outlook which allows the passing of vital ‘Incident’ information and documents directly from an email into Evolution. This tool comes as part of the Resolve module, so if you’ve purchased this module, the Outlook plugin is readily available. It requires running the app and linking to the database. As easy as that.

Example of Outlook Add-in for Resolve in new email

Example of Outlook Add-in for Resolve in new email

There is, however, one little anomaly – the Outlook plugin is not compatible with 64-bit Windows. More to the point, when the plugin is installed on a pc that has 64-bit Windows installed on it, any Excel files that are open will freeze or hang until exited using Task Manager. As I’m sure you can imagine, this would be very frustrating if you regularly receive excel files via email which is such common business practice today.

The good news is that there is a solution and it’s fairly simple for any IT technician. Any pc’s installed with 64-bit Windows that need to run the plugin need to have 32-bit Windows installed instead. It is important to note that we have not encountered these issues with the plugin on 64-bit office

Remember, if you’re not the person responsible for your Network environment, be sure to check with the powers that be before you do anything.  And always, always backup first.  When in doubt, call Sage Pastel Customer Care or your Sage Pastel Consultant before doing anything you’re unsure of.

Hope this helps.