Team Viewer Interferes with Evolution

Team Viewer is a popular remote support application which has changed the way we support clients.  We therefore find ourselves in a position where we need to run both Team Viewer and Pastel Evolution on our Computers which becomes an issue because sometimes Team Viewer Interferes with Evolution.

The following critical error message might be received anywhere in the opened Sage Evolution company but seems to be especially more relevant when selecting a transaction line drop down field within any transaction screen e.g. Invoices/GRV/Sales Order etc.

Team Viewer Interferes with Evolution fix:

This error is due to your Team Viewer program which interferes with Sage Evolution. In order to allow both Sage Evolution and Team Viewer to run at the same time on the same computers you will need to set the following settings in Team Viewer:

Extras/Options/Advanced, go to the QuickConnect button and click on configure. Please deactivate it by removing the checkout of “show quickconnect button” and click OK.

Go to Extras/Options/Remote control and then change the quality to custom settings, click custom settings and check “improve application compatibility” (reduces performance).

Hope this helps.


Server is out of Date

Version 12 Users. Have you recently downloaded the Partner/Xpress update 12.1.6, and received the following error: The Pastel Version on the Server is out of Date

One of my clients recently experienced this, after installing on a brand new machine.  After a lot of troubleshooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, and a lot back and forth with Pastel Support, I have finally received a couple of solutions. I would like to share the first one with you.  Should this not work, I have a second solution (which entails emailing an attachment).

Please follow the below steps if you receive the message that The Pastel Version on the Server is out of Date:

• Go to ‘Start – All Programs – Accessories – Run’.
• Type (or copy and paste) the below in the window provided, you may refer to the screen shot below.

Msiexec /i {02788CFF-51EF-493C-A2ED-5C6636257C26} REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus

• Select the ‘OK’ option, the error message should be cleared.

Should this not work, as mentioned, please contact me by posting a reply to this blog  and I’ll email you an attachment with further instructions.

Remember, if you’re not the person responsible for your Pastel/Network environment, be sure to check with the powers that be before you do anything.  And always, always backup first.  When in doubt, call Sage Pastel Customer Care or your Sage Pastel Consultant before doing anything you’re unsure of.

Good Luck!!


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Emailing from Pastel on 64 bit Windows OS Machine

When emailing out of Pastel Partner/Xpress, you may receive the following message:
“Please check your setup or ensure that the email address is correct” or, the email is sometimes routed to the incorrect customers/suppliers.

This can happen if you if you are using a 64 bit PC or Laptop.  Fear not,  there is a solution!

Open your Pastel Disk and browse to D:UtilOutlook 64-bit.  You will find a file called NewMail.dll. Copy this file and paste it into C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSoftline Pastel.  You will be asked if you want to replace the existing file.  Select yes.

You now need to register this file,  both on the Server and the workstations.  You do so as follows:

click on START  Run,  and type in the following:   regsvr32  “C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSoftline PastelNewMail.dll”

If you get a message indicating the registration has failed, please ensure that you are logged in as a Windows administrator.

Until next time,


Our suite of Sage Pastel Accounting related Professional Services include:

Business Consulting
Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Sales & Support
Sage Pastel Partner Payroll SARS Submission assistance
Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Outsourcing
Sage Pastel Accounting Software Sales & Support
Sage Pastel Accounting Software Implementation & Project Management
Sage Pastel Accounting Troubleshooting & Data fixing
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Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress – Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8 users,  are you experiencing problems with Pastel since running the latest Windows Update (Windows 8.1 Update)?

I’m sure a lot of you are.  After speaking with the Sage Pastel Technical Support Team, they informed me that a lot of users are complaining about their mapped drives no longer being available, after running the Windows 8.1 Update.  I was provided with 2 possible solutions,  and would like to share 1 of them with you.  (The second solution involves creating a new key in the registry,  and I would recommend that your IT support contact Pastel Support,  or myself for this solution).

Windows 8.1 Update Fix Procedure

Go to C:Pastel12 (or respective Pastel Drive and folder).

Right click on PastelV12.exe (or respective program version) >Properties.

pastel exe properties

Select the ‘Properties’ tab.

Tick ‘Run this Program as an administrator’ under the Privilege level (illustrated below)

run as administrator

Click Apply > OK

Once that has been done, please try opening Pastel and adding / activating the companies again.

Should this not work,  as mentioned,  Please get your IT consultant to contact Pastel Support,  or myself,  so that we can configure the registry as required.

I have also been informed that this Windows update has been retracted,  so let’s hope the next one doesn’t give us too many headaches!!!

until next time,


Our suite of Sage Pastel Accounting related Professional Services include:
Business Consulting
Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Sales & Support
Sage Pastel Partner Payroll SARS Submission assistance
Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Outsourcing
Sage Pastel Accounting Software Sales & Support
Sage Pastel Accounting Software Implementation & Project Management
Sage Pastel Accounting Troubleshooting & Data fixing
Excel Reporting
Onsite End User and Advanced Training
3rd Party Application Development

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Pastel Partner – Renumber Codes

Are your current codes serving a purpose,  or creating headaches???  Would you like to Renumber Codes?  Let’s see how the experts define Coding.  One of the common acronyms used is SKU.

SKU stands for “Stock Keeping Unit,” and is conveniently pronounced “skew.” A SKU is a number or string of alpha and numeric characters that uniquely identify a product. For this reason, SKUs are often called part numbers, product numbers, and product identifiers.

In Pastel we refer to Item Codes. You assign each inventory item a unique code. The inventory code field can contain up to fifteen characters.

If you have many inventory items, you should attempt to structure your codes,  and use some sort of intelligence in your coding. This will make it easier to remember and find codes that you use often.

You may find these suggestions helpful to Renumber Codes:

Inventory codes sort alphanumerically. To group codes together in an inventory list, use similar numbers or letters at the start of their codes.

Always use the same length for your inventory codes. This makes them much easier to remember.

If part or all of the inventory code is numeric, they MUST be the same length in order to appear in numeric sequence. You may have to enter zeroes on the left to accomplish correct sequencing. For example, the codes AB8, AB9, and AB10, will print in the sequence AB10, AB8, AB9. To get the correct sequence, you should code the items as AB08, AB09, and AB10. These will then display in the correct sequence.

Similarly,  It makes sense to use the same principle when creating ALL your codes in Pastel,  (Customers,  Suppliers,  Stores,  Projects etc).

Should you decide that your codes are in fact NOT serving their purpose,  You have the ability to Renumber these codes,  using the RENUMBER CODES facility.  Simply choose the code,  and change it!!!

TIP: You cannot do this when you have open batches.

Renumber Code 1Renumber Code 2

Renumber Code 3

I hope this helps.

Cheers for now.


Multiple Email Addresses

Multiple Email Addresses in Pastel Xpress Partner

By now you are probably all familiar with New features and functionality in Version 12, and all the wonderful new features like Tax Manager,  the Automatic Updates and Multiple Company Conversions.  As innovative as these features are,  it’s a couple of other features I want to talk about.  The first feature for this week is the option to save Multiple Email Addresses.


As you are well aware,  you are able to email your customers their Documents and Statements.  One of the frustrations that many users have experienced in the past,  is that invoices need to be sent to one person,  and statements to another.  This was possible,  but required a “workaround” ie: Editing the Customer Account before sending off invoices,  or before sending off statements.

The Processing Tab has now been enhanced to accommodate this.  You now have the option to specify a different contact person and email address for documents and statements.

Edit Cust Acc


Doc State Email

TIP:        If you are going to select different email/contact details for invoices and statements,  be sure to clear the email address on the Contacts Tab.  Failing to do so will result in a Status 6 Error.  (In other words,  you will break it!!)

Have a great week!!



Plan Your Project Reporting

In project management a project consists of a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.  Another definition is a management environment that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to a specified business case.

Project planning is part of project management, which relates to the use of schedules such as Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment.

Small-scale projects are by far the most common form of project enacted by institutions and large-scale organisations  that may use small projects in order to accomplish a range of small-order tasks. For SME’s and micro-businesses, especially in the creative industries, the running of small projects may be an essential component of their core business. Individuals and groups regularly use small-scale projects as a means to delivering a range of outcomes from organising a village fete to building a garden shed.

We know how difficult it can be to keep track of a project’s income and expenses. Monies laid out, monies received, budgets and project income statements can be a nightmare to prepare – especially when you have multiple projects on the go.

The Pastel Partner Project Tracker module allows you to manage your projects, associated budgets and costs while providing in depth reporting keeping you in control of the financial position of each project, thus enabling you to monitor profitability.

What functionality does Pastel Project Tracker offer?

• Enhanced budget creation per project

• Income statements per project

• Allocation of expenses and income per transaction per project

• Linking Invoices and Goods Received Notes’ to projects

• Reporting groups linked to various project codes

How does it work?

With Pastel Project Tracker, you are able to group projects into specific regions, or specific divisions in your business, and run a consolidated Income Statement or Budget Variance report per region or division. Up to 10 project groups are available, which then enables all Project Tracker reports to be either run per project code, or per specific group.

Pastel’s Project Tracker allows you to run an Income Statement report by various project group


New reporting functionality provides detailed insight into your business from project summaries, budget listings to exception reports. Everything you need to know to successfully track and keep in control of your company’s projects.

Now all of this sounds great!!!  But,  the success of Project Tracker relies on one key factor:


Not the planning of the projects,  but deciding on what reports you require.  Once you know this,  you will be able decide on the groups to be created.  My father,   being a carpenter by trade,  had a saying…….

“Measure twice,  Cut once.”

The same principle can be applied when creating your project levels.  Use the 80/20 principle.

Spend 80% of your time deciding on how your Project structure should look.  Map it out on white board.  Get all the role players involved.  I can guarantee that you will re-invent the structure at least 3-4 times until you are happy.

Then spend 20% of your time on system setup.

Good Luck!!!!!


Now that the dust has settled,  it’s time to buckle down and get stuck into the new year.  The common theme at this time of the year is….  “what are your goals for the coming year”,  and “how can we improve”.  Time for some Streamlining.

One of my main focus areas at this time of the year was to evaluate our SOP’s.  What are SOP’s you might ask?  I was first exposed to SOP’s in my time in the military.  They are Standard Operating Procedures,  (or sometimes referred to as SWP’s,  Standard Working Procedures).  Now,  in the military,  we had a SOP for EVERYTHING.  I’m sure if I searched long enough,  I would have found one that detailed the procedure for going to the loo!!!!  🙂

Seriously though,  a SOP ensures that everyone is fully aware of the tasks that are to be executed on a daily basis.  At my previous company, when I developed my SOP’s,  my aim was that I could take anyone that had never worked in a specific field,  give them the SOP,  and by following the laid out procedures,  they would be able to execute the task  TO THE LETTER. The basic principles of a good SOP is the following: WWWWHWW

WHO must do WHAT,  WHERE  must they do it, WHEN must they do it, HOW must they do it,  WHY must they do it,  and WHAT must they do after completion.

This proved to be extremely valuable in practice.  We employed temp sales staff for Saturday mornings.  On their first day,  within 30 minutes, they were able operate with minimum support.  It was great!!!  It gave me the oppurtunity to carry on with what I had to.

How does this all tie in with Pastel Partner you might ask? Well,  as I have been saying to many of my clients for a long time now,  Your system should mirror what’s happening “on the ground”.  For example,  if you want to know how much of a particular stock item you have available for sale,  you shouldn’t have to walk to the storeroom and count.  The information should be available on the the system,  and, most importantly,  it should be CORRECT.  If an item moves from location A to location B,  by whatever means,  it should also move in the system.

This is where the SOP’s come in.  Your warehouse staff will know exactly what is expected of them wrt documentation etc,  so that the data capturers know what to capture.  By following their SOP’s,  they too will also know exactly HOW to capture properly too!!!

See, simple isn’t it?????

Happy Streamlining………….

The Year Closes

As the financial year (for most companies) comes to an end,  we reflect back on the year that was.

From a personal point of view,  it was a year of milestone birthdays,  a wedding,  and a new addition to the family. Hectic Stuff!!

From a business point of view,  it was,  for me,  probably the busiest period I’ve experienced since being with End 2 End Business Solutions. You would have read Brian Kennedy’s latest blog concerning running the Year End Rollover,  and expected errors that can occur.  I must say,   I personally experienced very few problems on the sites that serviced.  This is always a good sign I suppose.

Moving forward into the new year,  there seems to be a general theme amongst most of my clients,  and that is to maximise the resources they currently have.  I think that as users are becoming more familiar and more comfortable with the program,  they are starting to see more value,  and also,  they are realising that the program is capable of so much more!!!  Numerous clients have contacted me, asking me to explain or demonstrate the various additional modules available in Pastel Partner.

Coupled to that,  has been the realisation that internal policies and procedures also need to be streamlined.  In doing so,  clients have managed to maximise performance not only from their resources,  but from their staff too.  More and more clients have requested “Onsite Training”,  so that their staff can concentrate on their particular job at hand,  and “Master it”,  as it were.

This said,  I am looking forward to another great year ahead,  and pledge to provide the best service I possibly can.

Happy New Year!!