How to Submit your EMP201 – Revised August 2014

The EMP201 was revised and came into effect in August 2014. New SARS ETI fields were added. Not to worry, I have a plan to get you back on your way to EMP201 Victory!

After recently receiving a number of frantic phone calls with the intro line: “I cannot submit my EMP201” and not knowing what I might have missed, I started at once to read through the SARS Interim Audits and drawing reports on SARS EMP201. I got quite a fright as I realised all the PAYE, ETI, SDL, UIF fields on the EMP201’s have been moved around again!

Step 1. Relax, we’ll get you back on track.

Step 2. Follow the instructions below. Each letter (A – N) is displayed on the picture below.

Step 3. No decimal separators can be used and always fill up the cent value with noughts when completing values.

SARS eFiling EMP201

A            Enter PAYE Amount from current month Payroll Totals

B             Enter SDL Amount from current month Payroll Totals

C             Enter UIF Amount from current month Payroll Totals

D             Auto calculated by SARS eFiling

E              Complete ETI brought forward from previous month. IF NONE, COMPLETE WITH 0 VALUE

F              Enter valid ETI amount calculated from current month Payroll Totals.

G             ETI Utilized = Basic Math, YOU will need to add sum of E and F and enter here

H             Auto calculated by SARS eFiling

I               Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > (Sum of A – G)

J              Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > Value of B

K             Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > Value of C

L              Enter Penalty and interest if and when applicable.

M            Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > Sum of I +J + K + L (Total Amount Payable to SARS)

N             Period of Assessment

Remember to complete the ETI and VDP Check boxes at the bottom!

If you have any questions please comment below.

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Happy Filing!


SARS Interim Submissions Season opens September 1st! Are you Ready?

The bi-annual interim SARS Submission season is opening soon and we’ve been preparing for the wave of consultation bookings that stream in after the first 6 months of the tax year. As a Sage Pastel Payroll Support Channel Partner in Cape Town, we’d like to offer our assistance to your company in advance, to ensure you are prepared for this important milestone.

Important points to consider during SARS Submission season:

  • Is your Sage Pastel Payroll software SARS compliant?
  • Is your Sage Pastel Payroll software backed up?
  • Are your copy companies in order?
  • When did you apply for your Current Tax Tables?
  • Will your Actual EMP501 Declaration Payroll Totals Balance to SARS Submission and Payments?
  • Has your EMPSA got a clean bill of health?
  • Have you been claiming ETI?

Starting the process as soon as possible will help avoid unnecessary delays, leaving enough time to resolve any issues PRIOR to the SARS submission. Late submissions are not advised as the smallest variance in your Payroll will cause unnecessary penalties and interest from SARS. This is followed by countless letters, lengthy queues and excessive visits to the SARS office.

These mistakes are preventable and hinder many companies from obtaining the tax clearance certificates they need each year. Currently, End 2 End Business Solutions help numerous companies with variances submitted on their SARS re cons in the past.

Every effort is going into discovering errors and collecting fees from mistakes in your tax return, which means you simply cannot afford mistakes when it comes to SARS and your business. SARS employed 50% more auditors in 2012 and even more this year with targets to collect. This means your chances of being marked for a SARS audit are increasing exponentially each year.

What are SARS Administrative Penalties?

Click below for more information on what (and why) SARS will be levying this year:

SARS Admin Penalties

Be sure you have the following ready and updated on the current Payroll prior to Month End

  • Income Tax Numbers for ALL employees on the system, current and terminated
  • All current and terminated employees’ personal details are correct.
  • Any tax directive numbers inserted on current Sage Pastel Payroll if applicable.
  • Any employees not processed on the active Sage Pastel Payroll company are processed.
  • Ensure that PAYE, UIF and SDL are added onto the monthly EMP201 and Remittances.
  • Ensure that reports and payments are up to date.
  • Ensure that SARS E-Filling Profile is Active & EMP501 (Offline Submission) is activated under Organisation Tax Types. (FOR ALL PAYE ENTITIES/COMPANIES).
  • Ensure that all EMP201 Payments have been made and EMP201 forms confirmed to SARS.

The process is identical to the annual year end submissions. The only difference is that NO IRP5’s will be generated from the SARS software to be furnished to employees.

To guarantee a smooth submission or Sage Pastel payroll audit process, please contact Francois for immediate support.

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Are you ready for the SARS Interim Submission?

SARS Personal Income Tax Return Deadlines Approaching

Have you submitted your Personal Tax returns or received confirmation from the Auditors that your Provisional Tax return or Personal Tax ITR12 – IRP5 has been submitted successfully?

Had to Pay in this Year??

How much did YOU get back?

Do you Travel for Business?

Did YOU Keep a Travel Log Book?

Keep an eye on our Blog as I will be giving you pivotal advice that I find is not being addressed sufficiently and Individuals are bearing the brunt.

Is your Income Structured Correct in terms of SARS Acts?

E-mail me if you are not 100% certain:

For now, Take note of the pertinent deadlines for personal tax submissions.

Provisional Tax and Payments                                    – 29 August 2014

Personal Tax Season (Manual Submissions)        – 26 September 2014

Personal Tax Season (Efiling Submissions)            – 21 November 2014

Be On Time!!

Be On Time!!

SARS Tax Year End 2014 Deadline

The time is fast approaching to reconcile your Payroll for 2014! In order to comply with the latest SARS updates, I’m writing this to remind you to get your Payroll audited and submitted timeously.

Failure to do so WILL result in follow-up e-mails, phone calls from SARS and the possible declining of a Tax Clearance Certificate.

If you need your Payroll done professionally, including ETI, format changes, SARS source code income and deduction changes or if you just need help gathering those missing income tax numbers, send me a mail, I’ll be happy to help!

SARS, SARS deadline, Payroll, Partner Payroll, Payroll support

Tax Year End 2014 Submission Season NOW OPEN

When can I expect to receive my IRP5?

This is a question numerous employees are directing to the finance department and Payroll administrators. The correct retort to these employees requests is to inform them that the company is processing tax audits and submissions that are only due now. The personal income tax filing season for non-provisional tax payers will only commence on 1st July 2014. Tax Certificates (IRP5 or IT3(a)’s) will be made available in due course post successful submission and acceptance by SARS.

This year again, as we’ve seen with past years, there are numerous changes to required and additional fields that companies need to conform to and update records.

Here are some of the changes: you can expect:

Courtesy of SARS (

  • Revised Employee Postal Address Format.
    • Click here for example of new format.
  • Employer Tax Incentive (ETI) field required on EMP501 and Tax Certificates
    • Click here for a complete listing from SARS.

These updates need to be done ASAP, especially for larger companies since these requirements are on an individual employee basis, the task can be rather labour intensive.

We’ve already started with the Re Cons and conversions. Don’t be caught out by waiting.

Contact us and we can take the load off for you by managing and submitting the EMP501 Declaration correctly, timeously and professionally. Your Tax Clearance Certificate or SARS Good Standing is depending on it.

Deadline for Submissions – 30 May 2014

This is not an April Fools Joke


Payroll SARS – Debit Pull – Good News?!

A Hot topic among practitioners and with clients is that of the discontinuation of the Debit Pull functionality on SARS efiling.

Mixed emotions, reviews and comments have been flying around finance departments of every company in South Africa.

Basically our old trusted “Pay Now!” option, when diligently submitting each of the statutory declarations and returns have been suspended with little notice last month and now, re-activated for a limited period.

Numerous companies that have been using alternative methods of releasing payments are having issues with allocation of payments made on returns submitted apart from the Debit Pull functionality.

I strongly suggest you make use of this grace period. Finalise pending additional payments and, if cash flow allows, submit and pay your due VAT and EMP returns before re suspension of the Debit Pull function.

Some more words from our Revenue Service:

SARS has received representations from various tax practitioner organisations requesting an extension on the date for the discontinuing the debit pull option as a means of paying SARS.

We can now announce that an extension of a month has been granted and that debit pull transactions will be discontinued at the end of October 2013.

As of the end of October 2013 Debit Pull transactions will be discontinued for ABSA, FNB, Investec, Nedbank and Standard Bank. Taxpayers are advised to set-up a Credit Push payment option or use one of our alternative methods of payment.

Why is SARS discontinuing the use of a Debit Pull transaction on eFiling?

With debit pull a taxpayer or their approved representative may authorise SARS to collect the money owed directly from their bank on their behalf, which means that SARS is initiating the collection directly from their bank. SARS does so by instructing the bank to collect the amount from the taxpayer’s bank account. There are several problems associated with this:

  • There are risks associated with this product in that payment is not guaranteed and can be reversed at the request of the client and can also be rejected due to insufficient funds
  • SARS is unable to validate that the person authorising SARS to initiate the debit pull is mandated to do so which can result in payments being withdrawn from incorrect accounts. SARS could be placed at risk as a result of such unauthorised actions.

Very importantly it is in the interest of the client to not allow unauthorised withdrawals from their accounts.

It should be noted that the debit pull option is still available for certain payments until the end of October 2013, on condition that the approved representative agrees to the declaration which appears on the screen.

Payroll – SARS Goes Mobile

It’s finally here, as most of you have probably discovered the SA Tax calculator on your mobile phone and even more so most of your employees have also found this wonderful app. Probably have come to you questioning “their PAYE being too high this month “according to SARS””.

In our “Generation I-connected” as everyone now is in the process if not already been published on the web, connected, blogged, Posted, Tagged, Poked, tweeted, done online farming, met someone online, chatted or even just now discovered e-mail…

All this has been made possible by a complete revolution in our country’s information technologies and internet access infrastructure. Most individuals who has not got daily access to Desktop computers, laptops, notebook, netbooks, Tablets, Ipads etc, has now got internet access and multimedia capability on even their mobile phones.

Needless to say it was only a matter of time and development from one of our, if not the biggest compliance demanding establishments to join this E@sy access, mobile age.

SARS has now also migrated their award winning efiling service onto the mobile services with the launch of their SARS efiling apps for majority of mobile and smartphones available today.

We have had some great reviews from our clients and their employees who have already used this app or the mobile site to review their personal Income tax profiles, change or update their personal details, submit ITR12’s, view ITA34 and naturally  view the Tax Calculator for the recently personal income tax filing season for Non-provisional income tax payers.

We would like to get some feedback from you out there if you have any comments on these apps or simply read some more on this great new innovation from SARS in their campaign to “Get you Good at Tax”. Download and try it.

Next time your employees are waiting in long queues outside your door asking for their IRP5’s, you can now not only say:

  • You can register online for efiling and view your IRP5 there.

You can also inform them:

  • Download the SARS efiling app and you can view, change details, file, submit, make payments etc etc etc within minutes. If they are on facebook or twitter, they CAN efile!!!

I have downloaded some of the How to, mobile site and install guides for you at the bottom of this article.

Also see excerpt from the SARS website on these apps:

eFile via your phone or tablet
Submitting your individual Income Tax Return (ITR12) on your cell phone via our mobisite and App is now an option for people on the go. With the eFiling App, taxpayers will be able to file their individual Income Tax Returns quickly and easily on their iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablets.Functions available on the eFiling mobisite and App:

  • Registration for eFiling
  • Password reset
  • Submit your individual Income Tax Return (ITR12)
  • View your notice of assessment (ITA34)
  • View your Income Tax Statement of Account (ITSA)
  • View your tax calculator
  • Request for Correction (RFC).

To access the mobisite via your phone, type in or download the app from the App store for iPhones and iPads or from the Google store for Android devices:

FAQ – SARS eFiling App and Mobisite – External FAQs

SARS efiling app android 2012

SARS efiling app Apple 2012

How To eFiling Mobile App – External_Guide_18.10.2012

How to eFiling Mobile Site – External_Guide

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Cyber Regards


Payroll – SARS now Truly “On-Line” and Helping YOU eFile

Morning all our Avid Blog followers,

Almost time for Monthly EMP201’s and VAT returns to be submitted. If you playing it safe you would’ve joined the CyberCloud generation and be a monthly, bi-monthly, provisional or bi-annual  “SARS eFiler”.

Proudly South African!!! Now YOU can be good at TAX also…. (loving the SARS new slogan!!)

If you’ve been to the eFiling Log on Site recently you would’ve noticed an additional little blue icon.

Don’t be a drone and read a little.

This has now been released by SARS as an additional channel of assistance should you have any difficulty with SARS efiling in future should you opt not be wait in the sometimes inundated telephone support lines.

It would be Real Time online support where a SARS agent will be assisting you “On-Screen” with your issues or assist in new functionality.

I am attaching for your the terms & conditions as published by SARS for your perusal in this article. Always Read before using new resources.

Terms & Conditions

As always, we would like to get your input and feedback if the new functionalities are working for you.

Happy Filing!!


How to Register Employees for Income Tax in 5 Easy Steps

Income Tax Numbers have become as important as ID or passport numbers in your Sage Pastel Payroll. When hiring a new employee, whether foreign or local, independent contractor or freelancer, permanent or temporary, PAYE Employee or below the income tax threshold – if you pay them, they need to be registered in your Sage Pastel Payroll.

While it is likely that an employee will already be registered for income tax from their previous employer’s EMP501/IRP5/IT3(a)submission, when this is not the case, the responsibility falls on the employer to register the employee for income tax with SARS.

Fortunately, SARS e-filing assists in bulk registering all employees not previously registered for income tax numbers. You can now register employees online using your company SARS e-filing profile.

How to register employees using SARS e-filing:



If you get the message “Individual Already Registered” when trying to register or in the case of an employee not knowing their income tax number, the employee should simply phone the SARS call centre on 0800 00 7277 who, upon verification of personal particulars on record, will then furnish the individual with their income tax number.

It is important to note that the employer cannot phone SARS and request any Employees’ Income Tax number.

I hope this serves both as advice to all employers to get their employees registered and also as an aid in doing so!

Remember, for any advice or Sage Pastel Payroll queries, simply contact Francois for immediate support.

Personal Tax Filing Season Opens

Welcome to yet another filing season where the everlasting search for efficiency continues. As always, accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to filing personal tax. All details on your online ITR12 must match the IRP5 that you received from your employer. To aid you in your quest for competence, here is a list of what to double check before submitting your Personal Tax:

  1. ID Number and Date of Birth
  2. Income Tax Number
  3. Mobile & Home telephone number
  4. Home and Postal Address
  5. Banking Details (Especially the easily missed ‘Cheque or Savings’ as your type of account)
  6. Income and deductions Source Codes (Match those up to your IRP5 from Employer)
  7. Medical Aid information
  8. R.A Totals
  9. All additional Income Tax related info for input onto your ITR12.

If any of this information is incorrect or missing, simply make use of the “Refresh IRP5 Data” function on your e-filing profile. If this fails to resolve the issue, contact the issuer or employer immediately.

What to look out for from SARS and what’s still to come:

  • “Help-you-eFile” will be an online interactive channel to liaise with SARS in filing your Tax Returns.
  • The eFilling App
  • A “MobiSite” for doing you online Tax Return

Some Helpful Videos:



Afrikaanse Artiekel




Remember, for any advice or Sage Pastel Payroll queries, simply contact Francois for immediate support.