Xpress/Partner – On Hold Assistant

I would like to continue from last week’s post regarding the new features in Xpress/Partner V12.1.4. This week, I will talk about putting documents “On Hold”


Placing documents “On Hold” serves many purposes. One in particular, is enabling you to run a Year End Rollover with open batches. Another being the ability to “save” the invoice, and allow a supervisor to double check the invoice, before updating, thereby avoiding the need to process a credit note to rectify any mistakes made.

This feature has been around for a long time, but one of the downfalls of the past, is that in order to place a document “On Hold”, or take a document “Off Hold”, the user would need to open each document individually, and make the relevant change. A time consuming exercise I’m sure you’ll agree!!!

The On Hold Assistant allows the user to select multiple documents, and apply a global change, just with a couple of clicks. For example:

You can choose to view all customer invoices, for all users, and place each document on hold at once.


You could choose to view all invoices for a particular customer, created by a particular user, and take them all “Off Hold”. All of this, with three or four clicks. Isn’t that GREAT!!!

This feature can be found on the “Process” menu option.

Process Menu

On Hold1

On Hold2

On Hold3

Now all you need to do is figure out what you’re going to do with all the time you have have saved.


Have a Great Week!!



Multiple Email Addresses

Multiple Email Addresses in Pastel Xpress Partner

By now you are probably all familiar with New features and functionality in Version 12, and all the wonderful new features like Tax Manager,  the Automatic Updates and Multiple Company Conversions.  As innovative as these features are,  it’s a couple of other features I want to talk about.  The first feature for this week is the option to save Multiple Email Addresses.


As you are well aware,  you are able to email your customers their Documents and Statements.  One of the frustrations that many users have experienced in the past,  is that invoices need to be sent to one person,  and statements to another.  This was possible,  but required a “workaround” ie: Editing the Customer Account before sending off invoices,  or before sending off statements.

The Processing Tab has now been enhanced to accommodate this.  You now have the option to specify a different contact person and email address for documents and statements.

Edit Cust Acc


Doc State Email

TIP:        If you are going to select different email/contact details for invoices and statements,  be sure to clear the email address on the Contacts Tab.  Failing to do so will result in a Status 6 Error.  (In other words,  you will break it!!)

Have a great week!!



The Year Closes

As the financial year (for most companies) comes to an end,  we reflect back on the year that was.

From a personal point of view,  it was a year of milestone birthdays,  a wedding,  and a new addition to the family. Hectic Stuff!!

From a business point of view,  it was,  for me,  probably the busiest period I’ve experienced since being with End 2 End Business Solutions. You would have read Brian Kennedy’s latest blog concerning running the Year End Rollover,  and expected errors that can occur.  I must say,   I personally experienced very few problems on the sites that serviced.  This is always a good sign I suppose.

Moving forward into the new year,  there seems to be a general theme amongst most of my clients,  and that is to maximise the resources they currently have.  I think that as users are becoming more familiar and more comfortable with the program,  they are starting to see more value,  and also,  they are realising that the program is capable of so much more!!!  Numerous clients have contacted me, asking me to explain or demonstrate the various additional modules available in Pastel Partner.

Coupled to that,  has been the realisation that internal policies and procedures also need to be streamlined.  In doing so,  clients have managed to maximise performance not only from their resources,  but from their staff too.  More and more clients have requested “Onsite Training”,  so that their staff can concentrate on their particular job at hand,  and “Master it”,  as it were.

This said,  I am looking forward to another great year ahead,  and pledge to provide the best service I possibly can.

Happy New Year!!