Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage

I’m sure you will all agree when I say that one should never underestimate the power of being organised. Especially when it comes to your company’s Payroll and HR. Enter Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage.  The ability to create more time whilst sustaining a constant state of order is a superpower we all long for in the workplace. If mastered and maintained, it tends to carry over into other areas of our lives.

Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage CloudThe new Sage Pastel Payroll  HR Advantage package caters for exactly that and then some. Its array of new features and functions empowers the user to uphold a refreshing standard of organisation. It also saves loads of processing time whilst effortlessly keeping your legislative ducks in a row.

You’re missing out if you haven’t witnessed the benefits that this new package has to offer. It’s the same Pastel Payroll we all know so well. Only now with the addition of 7 powerful user friendly modules designed to make Payroll & HR processing that much more efficient and compliant.

Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage Modules include:

Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage Self Service

Self Service

A cloud based portal giving your employees the ability to access their secure online profile. They can submit travel claims, manage leave, make changes to personal details.They can reprint payslips. The administrator can customize approval workflows to suit the company’s requirements which will then be synchronised to the desktop. All this will reducing the processing load considerably.


A module is suitable for any size and type of business. This easy-to-use desktop HR System is the perfect administration tool for human resource managers. It boasts uncomplicated functions such as company asset allocations, performance review processing, and the recording of employee training and education just to name a few. Disciplinary’s are also made easy as the system keeps track of all disciplinary actions enabling the administrator to remain CCMA compliant.

Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage Salary Salary Structuring

If you’ve ever had the frustrating and time consuming task of playing around with an employee’s basic salary only to reach a desired net, then you’ll love Salary Structuring. Its Ideal for those complicated salary setups as well as dummy payslips. You can calculate a net to gross or total cost to company remuneration package with ease.

Multiple Transaction Manager

A global update tool which enables you to process multiple employees at once. All done on one screen without having to hop from payslip to payslip. You can apply salary increases and process leave across the board at the click of a button.

Sage Pastel Payroll HR Advantage EfficientThird Party Transfers

Eliminate the possibility of human error when paying over employee and employer contributions to third parties such as medical aid and garnishee orders. This module allows the user to generate a problem free CSV file which is then imported into the company’s online banking,

Bulk Terminations & Reinstatement’s

A module which makes it easy to dismiss or re-employ multiple employees at once. It is especially useful if you employ seasonal or project-based employees. 

Consolidated Reports

You now have the option to consolidate the EMP201, EMP501 and Irp5 electronic certificates from multiple companies. It alleviates the tedious task of combining figures when submitting your SARS returns.

SARS Interim EMP501 Submission 2016

Dear Readers, SARS Interim EMP501 Submission 2016 is now open.  It’s that time of the Year again to get your Company EMP501 Recon and Declarations Submitted.  There have been many changes and SARS updates to get compliant with.  I listed the SARS top tips on the current and recent changes.

Contact us on for any additional assistance.

SARS Interim EMP501 Submission 2016 E2E

SARS Interim EMP501 Submission 2016 E2E

SARS Interim EMP501 Submission 2016

  • Employer Interim Reconciliation 2016
    Employers are required to submit an EMP501 confirming or correcting the amounts declared for Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Skills Development Levy (SDL), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), and Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) in their EMP201s submitted, the payments made and the tax values of the Employee Tax Certificates [IRP5/IT3(a)]. The interim reconciliation is for the six-month transaction period 1 March to 31 August and must be submitted during September and October.For the 2016 Employer Interim Reconciliation the following legislative and system changes should be noted:

    • From 1 March 2016 contributions to Pension, Provident and Retirement Annuity Fund is deductible for payroll taxes
    • New source codes (3817, 3825, 3828) have been created to differentiate between Pension, Provident and Retirement contributions and new source code (4582) to indicate the total value “remuneration” portion where the source codes allow a 20/80 split
    • Medical expenses tax credit for people over 65 years who are still employed have been introduced
    • New source code(4120) has been created  to capture the additional medical expenses tax credit for employees over 65 years
    • Taxpayers will be able to submit a request for correction in relation to audited periods after the audit has been completed. Audit outcomes will be communicated to taxpayers via listed email on SARS records, posted letters will only be sent to taxpayers who do not have an email listed under their profile
    • EMP 501 has been updated to enable employers to print both EMP 501 and IRP5/IT3 (a) as a package. There is also an option for taxpayers to write the postal address in their preferred unstructured format
    • e@syfile Employer enhancements include an upgrade to Windows 8, and bulk printing of IRP5/IT3(a) certificates
    • Capturing of an EMP 201 return prior to 1999 will be allowed.

Top Tip: The latest e@syFile™ release notes is version 6.7.0.

  • 13 June 2016 – 2016 IRP5/IT3(a) : 4018
    Income Protection Policy Premiums (4018) is not allowed as a deduction from 1 March 2015. Some employers have taken this deduction into account for the 2016 PAYE calculations.   This resulted in the under-deduction and payment of PAYE.These employers are requested to rectify such under-deductions and payments to SARS. Incorrect IRP5/IT3(a) certificates should be corrected, submitted to SARS and re-issued to affected employees. Employers are requested to make these corrections urgently to ensure that the correct details can be pre-populated by SARS on the employees’ income tax returns (ITR12s).The 4018 deduction may still be reflected on the 2016 IRP5/IT3(a) certificate although it no longer qualifies as a deduction for tax purposes.
  • 1 April 2016 – Employer Annual Reconciliation Employers are required to submit their Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) Employer Annual Reconciliations between 18 April and 31 May 2016 to SARS, confirming or correcting payroll tax amounts which were declared during the 2015/2016 tax period.This year, employers are urged to accurately verify and update each employee’s personal and financial details before submitting their Annual Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) and Employees Income Tax Certificates [IRP5/IT3(a)s] to SARS.Should these details be incorrect on an IRP5 certificate, the employee will be unable to file his/her Income Tax Return for Individuals (ITR12) during Tax Season.  Individuals will no longer be allowed to make any corrections to pre-populated IRP5 details on their returns.In cases where details are incorrect, employees will have to revert to their respective employers who will need to make changes on the IRP5 and re-submit these to SARS. This process can be time consuming and it may become problematic for employees to file on time.

    Employers play a very important part in the income tax cycle which effectively starts on 18 April with the submission of the annual reconciliations. We rely on your cooperation to make the submission of ITR12s later in the year as stress-free as possible for all involved. Need help? Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277

Pastel Payroll Employee Count Issue

There appears to be a Partner Payroll issue doing rounds on some of our clients systems, which affects their Employee count on the software.

In short, one might be registered for a 100 Employee Payroll, obviously allowing you to create a total of up to 100 Employee Masterfiles (combined between your different companies created on Payroll). What would then happen at some of our clients, is that the program will register/pick up the exact same company twice or even 3 times and thus doubling the actual Employee count and seeing e.g. a 45 Employee company as 135 Employees.

Below is a typical example of the problem. This screen can be accessed by opening Payroll and going to Help, About and then “Employee Count” at the bottom right. As you can see in the below example, the exact same company is “registered” 3 times. Therefor the software is now registering a 45 Employee company as 135 Employees.

Blog Pic



We have tried and tested the below solution on a number of occasions and I am happy to report that the result was successful each time. The following steps can be followed in order to correct the issue:

  1. If you have a network consisting of more than 1 PC using Payroll, make sure to close the program on each PC and go to the Payroll Server/Main Payroll PC.
  2. Open Payroll on the Server and go to File, Open, Manage. All your companies will be listed with a brown briefcase icon (note, it will just show each company once even though it shows it more than once on the Employee Count Screen)
  3. Click on each company and select the option to “Remove Company” on the right hand side. Do this for each company until you are only left with the Server name right at the top.
  4. Next you will re-register the software. This can be done by clicking on Help, Register your package. On the first screen click on next, single user/server, UN-TICK register online and then select ‘next’, ‘next’, etc, until you reach the summary screen.
  5. Lastly, close and reopen Payroll. Go to File, Open, Manage and then add each of your companies again by clicking on “Add Company” on the right hand side.

Like mentioned, the above solution does work. Should you follow these steps and you still experience the same issue, you are more than welcome to contact us so that we can assist.

Alternatively, if you would like us to rather attend to it, please give us a call on 021 447 9565 or post a comment on this blog and I’ll assist.





Ransomware Poses a Serious Risk

Google describes Ransomware as a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. These kinds of threats are not going to go away and new strains are being written all the time.

The only way to regain access to the encrypted data is to pay a ransom to the hackers – and even then it is not guaranteed that you will get your data files back.  After all, you are dealing with a criminal! There is very little that any IT expert can do to get your files back. Once encrypted, your data cannot be recovered.

The only way to mitigate the risk is to ensure that you regularly take backups so that you can quickly return to a pre-infected state.

6 Tips to Staying Safe from Ransomware

  1. Backup your data regularly.  If you choose to back up to an external hard drive, disconnect the backup device as soon as the backup is complete. This will prevent any potential infection from being passed along to your backup device.
  2. Ensure that your machine is patched to the latest version and that your antivirus software is up to date.
  3. Do not click on links in emails from unfamiliar sources
  4. Do not open unidentified attachments (pdf’s, etc)
  5. Don’t download “free offers” on websites or follow links to win prizes, etc. Hackers are successful because they bank on you wanting what they offer as an enticement.
  6. Become more vigilant. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

What to do if you suspect that your machine is infected with Ransomware

  1. Don’t try to open any files or folders on the machine.
  2. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself.
  3. Immediately switch off your computer and take to IT

More About Ransomware

Stay safe,


Sage Pastel Payroll PAYE Tables Update + Sage Pastel Tax Guide

Dear E2e followers,

Download your Sage Pastel Payroll 2016 PAYE Tables from this blog, or, we’ll arrange the upgrade for you!

End 2 End Business Solutions has been in the Sage Pastel software support and sales field for well over 10 years. When we have the opportunity, we share the latest Payroll and Accounting updates with our clients via our blogs so that as a subscriber you get notified before anyone else!

Employers are required to deduct PAYE from the earnings of people who work for them. These tax tables change every year and need to be updated on your Sage Payroll software in order for your software to generate the correct amounts. Be the first to have the 2016 PAYE Tables applied to your Sage Payroll software.

Simply contact and we will gladly assist you with your Sage Payroll upgrade:

Alternatively download the upgrade yourself, HERE.

What’s more is the budget speech has come and gone and it’s time to make sure you are up to date with all the latest tax requirements.

Download your free Sage Pastel Tax guide HERE.

If you have any questions regarding this or require Sage Payroll support, you can contact us on 0214479565 or comment below.



Speed Up Your Excel Workbook

Are your Excel Spreadsheets so big and slow that you could literally go and make a cup of coffee while the workbook updates?  Good news, there is a simple and quick solution to Speed Up Your Excel.

I recently had a request from a client to assist them with improving the speed of their Excel Workbooks.  While working on their data it was taking so long for their workbooks to update that it was seriously affecting their ability to deliver their financial reports.  Running the initial report took nearly 6 hours (they would run it overnight).  Each time new data was entered, it would take a couple of minutes for Excel to recalculate, equaling hours per workbook!  It doesn’t take an expert to see that this is not good for business.

It didn’t take me long to find the problem, there were far too many worksheets in a formula heavy design.  The formula used were old look-ups (e.g: Index & Match combination resolves quicker and uses less system overheads with more flexibility than the traditional VLookup formula) and too many nested IF statement variables.  They weren’t using List referencing, Named Ranges and there were hardly any Pivot Tables (a great way to quickly summarise and analyse data, again, using less resources).

Newer Business Intelligence report writing methodology using newer software functionality greatly assists with the ever increasing volume of business data sources that need analysing and help to Speed Up Your Excel

That being said, you don’t have to rewrite all your reports just because they’re ‘old school’.  Sometimes we just have to make do with what we’ve got.  Luckily for you there is another easy way that one can use to speed up your Excel Workbook even if you really have to make use of a nested formula-heavy design.

Speed Up Your Excel by setting your Excel Workbook formula calculation to manual. 

What that means is that Excel won’t update your formula until you tell it to.  This leaves you free to open your Spreadsheet, edit your information, and, when you’re ready, calculate your formula.

By changing this setting I brought the report run time at my client down from over 6 hours to just over 15 minutes.  They are now able to run the report, make edits, and, update their information multiple times in a day, something they previously couldn’t do.

Here’s how to set your Excel Workbook Formula Calculations to Manual:

Step 1:
Go to the Formulas Tab in your Excel Workbook Ribbon, then select ‘Calculations Options’

Speed Up your Excel Workbook 1

Step 2:
Set to ‘Manual’

Speed Up your Excel Workbook 2

NB: Don’t forget, now that Excel calculates your formula manually, every time you’re finished updating your spreadsheet or want to update your workbook, you will need to come back here and tell Excel to ‘Calculate Now’

Speed Up your Excel Workbook 3

Hopefully this tip helps to Speed Up Your Excel and make your life using Excel a bit easier 🙂


SARS Interim Submissions Season opens September 1st! Are you Ready?

The bi-annual interim SARS Submission season is opening soon and we’ve been preparing for the wave of consultation bookings that stream in after the first 6 months of the tax year. As a Sage Pastel Payroll Support Channel Partner in Cape Town, we’d like to offer our assistance to your company in advance, to ensure you are prepared for this important milestone.

Important points to consider during SARS Submission season:

  • Is your Sage Pastel Payroll software SARS compliant?
  • Is your Sage Pastel Payroll software backed up?
  • Are your copy companies in order?
  • When did you apply for your Current Tax Tables?
  • Will your Actual EMP501 Declaration Payroll Totals Balance to SARS Submission and Payments?
  • Has your EMPSA got a clean bill of health?
  • Have you been claiming ETI?

Starting the process as soon as possible will help avoid unnecessary delays, leaving enough time to resolve any issues PRIOR to the SARS submission. Late submissions are not advised as the smallest variance in your Payroll will cause unnecessary penalties and interest from SARS. This is followed by countless letters, lengthy queues and excessive visits to the SARS office.

These mistakes are preventable and hinder many companies from obtaining the tax clearance certificates they need each year. Currently, End 2 End Business Solutions help numerous companies with variances submitted on their SARS re cons in the past.

Every effort is going into discovering errors and collecting fees from mistakes in your tax return, which means you simply cannot afford mistakes when it comes to SARS and your business. SARS employed 50% more auditors in 2012 and even more this year with targets to collect. This means your chances of being marked for a SARS audit are increasing exponentially each year.

What are SARS Administrative Penalties?

Click below for more information on what (and why) SARS will be levying this year:

SARS Admin Penalties

Be sure you have the following ready and updated on the current Payroll prior to Month End

  • Income Tax Numbers for ALL employees on the system, current and terminated
  • All current and terminated employees’ personal details are correct.
  • Any tax directive numbers inserted on current Sage Pastel Payroll if applicable.
  • Any employees not processed on the active Sage Pastel Payroll company are processed.
  • Ensure that PAYE, UIF and SDL are added onto the monthly EMP201 and Remittances.
  • Ensure that reports and payments are up to date.
  • Ensure that SARS E-Filling Profile is Active & EMP501 (Offline Submission) is activated under Organisation Tax Types. (FOR ALL PAYE ENTITIES/COMPANIES).
  • Ensure that all EMP201 Payments have been made and EMP201 forms confirmed to SARS.

The process is identical to the annual year end submissions. The only difference is that NO IRP5’s will be generated from the SARS software to be furnished to employees.

To guarantee a smooth submission or Sage Pastel payroll audit process, please contact Francois for immediate support.

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Are you ready for the SARS Interim Submission?

2015 Payroll Medical Aid Increase

One of the areas of Tax and Sage Pastel Payroll administration which Sage Pastel Payroll clients tend to neglect is that of Medical Aid Contribution inconsistencies.

As many of us already know, Medical Aid Contributions for most open Medical Aid Schemes increase in January of each year.

As this affects the income of the employees and expenses for the employer, there can be dire effects if this is not updated on the Sage Pastel Payroll administration system.

Some of the negative effects of not updating your Sage Pastel Payroll system include:

  • Incorrect PAYE, UIF and SDL
    • EMP201 Correctives
    • Penalties and Interest
    • SARS Payment Allocation issues (You know what we’re talking about)
  • Non Balancing Sage Pastel Payroll Journal to Expenses.
  • Reporting Reconciliation issues
  • Under taxation of employees
  • Incorrect IRP5’s
  • Corrective Retrospective Transactions and entries for Year to Date contribution adjustments.

For those who like trend analysis and comparisons, here is the average medical aid contribution increases for 2015:

Medical Aid SchemeIncrease Percentage
Genesis Medical Scheme6.4%
Momentum Health7.2%
Spectramed Medical Scheme7.53%
Compcare Wellness Medical Scheme7.7%
Bestmed Medical Scheme8.7%
Discovery Health Medical Scheme8.9%
Fedhealth Medical Scheme8.9%
Sizwe Medical Fund8.9%
Hosmed Medical Aid Scheme 9.1%
Medshield Medical Scheme9.4%
Liberty Medical Scheme9.5%
Bonitas Medical Fund10.6%


Let this be a friendly yet urgent reminder to update your relevant medical aid contributions in your Sage Pastel Partner Payroll account.

Remember, if you need assistance, please contact Francois for immediate support.

Sage Pastel Payroll – Can you afford a 10% Penalty on your Gross PAYE?

If you are an employer using Sage Pastel Payroll you may experience a tendency to wait until the very end to submit the EMP501 SARS declarations. This is then exacerbated by a delay in obtaining employee’s income tax numbers to enter into Sage Pastel Payroll, especially for those who no longer work for the company.

In contradiction to popular opinion, you CAN and SHOULD submit your EMP501 declarations before the SARS Bi-Annual Submission Deadline which is the 31st of October. Preferably not on the 31st where a monumental influx of submissions often occur.

If you are not been able to enter all of your employee income tax numbers into Sage Pastel Payroll, do not be caught out and charged an additional 10% penalty on your gross PAYE total, which could total in excess of R100 000, simply SUBMIT.

This does not mean that you are off the proverbial hook and will not be charged SARS Administrative Penalties but in the very least you will avoid the immediate 10% penalty on your gross PAYE to date.

If you have not done your monthly EMP201’s, Bi-Annual and Full year End EMP501 and IRP5’s as we at End 2 End Business Solutions have for 98% of our clients, simply contact Francois for immediate support.

How to Register Employees for Income Tax in 5 Easy Steps

Income Tax Numbers have become as important as ID or passport numbers in your Sage Pastel Payroll. When hiring a new employee, whether foreign or local, independent contractor or freelancer, permanent or temporary, PAYE Employee or below the income tax threshold – if you pay them, they need to be registered in your Sage Pastel Payroll.

While it is likely that an employee will already be registered for income tax from their previous employer’s EMP501/IRP5/IT3(a)submission, when this is not the case, the responsibility falls on the employer to register the employee for income tax with SARS.

Fortunately, SARS e-filing assists in bulk registering all employees not previously registered for income tax numbers. You can now register employees online using your company SARS e-filing profile.

How to register employees using SARS e-filing:



If you get the message “Individual Already Registered” when trying to register or in the case of an employee not knowing their income tax number, the employee should simply phone the SARS call centre on 0800 00 7277 who, upon verification of personal particulars on record, will then furnish the individual with their income tax number.

It is important to note that the employer cannot phone SARS and request any Employees’ Income Tax number.

I hope this serves both as advice to all employers to get their employees registered and also as an aid in doing so!

Remember, for any advice or Sage Pastel Payroll queries, simply contact Francois for immediate support.