Emailing from Pastel on 64 bit Windows OS Machine

When emailing out of Pastel Partner/Xpress, you may receive the following message:
“Please check your setup or ensure that the email address is correct” or, the email is sometimes routed to the incorrect customers/suppliers.

This can happen if you if you are using a 64 bit PC or Laptop.  Fear not,  there is a solution!

Open your Pastel Disk and browse to D:UtilOutlook 64-bit.  You will find a file called NewMail.dll. Copy this file and paste it into C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSoftline Pastel.  You will be asked if you want to replace the existing file.  Select yes.

You now need to register this file,  both on the Server and the workstations.  You do so as follows:

click on START  Run,  and type in the following:   regsvr32  “C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSoftline PastelNewMail.dll”

If you get a message indicating the registration has failed, please ensure that you are logged in as a Windows administrator.

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34 replies
  1. Johann Heyns
    Johann Heyns says:

    hi we are having the same issue
    i have tried the ftp but no joy
    could you mail the file to me too


  2. Brighton
    Brighton says:

    Hi Chris,

    My machine recently displayed Run-time error ‘-2147467259 (80004005)’: Not a valid bookmark, ecsh time I open Pastel v11.2.1 trying to view and ledger or trial balance. I have tried repair, uninstall and reinstall but still nothing has worked. Kindly assist with the best way of managing this.

    • Steven Billington
      Steven Billington says:

      Good Day Brighton

      those errors are normally Printer related. Make sure that the correct printer is selected under “FILE-PRINTER/FONTS SETUP”. Check the “Other” Tab. If it is the correct printer, try changing the printer, and then changing it back.

      If that doesn’t work, the printer driver might need to be re installed.

      Good Luck!!


  3. stu
    stu says:

    Hi Steve
    Season’s Greetings
    Please would you be so kind to send me the file so I can sort out this pesky problem

    Much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  4. Kathy Kriek
    Kathy Kriek says:

    Hi Steven, seem to be have the same issue … please would you send me the file you sent to Stefan? Much appreciated.

  5. Barend Hudson
    Barend Hudson says:

    Good day Steven. I am also currently working on the same problem at one of my clients. The file that I have is dated 2011, just want to know if you have a newer version of this file that you can e-mail to me? Regards

    Barend Hudson

  6. Caitlyn
    Caitlyn says:

    Hi Steve,

    Same problem here. Could I also get the email. This is such a horrible problem. I have tried everything.

  7. Melanie
    Melanie says:


    Just thought I’d mention that the file on Pastel Xpress 2007 and Xpress 2009 this folder doesnt exist D:UtilOutlook 64-bit

    I’ve just bought a new PC and upgraded to Win 8.1 and had to re-install my Xpress 2009 and had this problem of not being able to send mail via Outlook. I found your article and found that the folder you mention doesnt exist on the installation disk.

    the NewMail.dll file does exist so I thought I’d just try and run the regsvr32 “C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSoftline PastelNewMail.dll” command but that too didnt work – I got an error message saying

    The module “C:Program” failed to load. …

    Guess I’ll hae to contact Softline for support

    • Stefan
      Stefan says:

      Hi Melanie
      Is there any chance you can send me the file from Pastel that fixed your problem. I have had to re install my Pastel Xpress 2009 and everything seems to be working fine except the emailing bit which is critical.
      Thanking in advance

  8. Tracey Gething
    Tracey Gething says:

    Hi Steve, tried this and it says the module was loaded “but the call to DLLRegister Server failed with error code 0x80004005.
    Any advice on this?
    I tried a fix from the internet to run as administrator, and now when I email it seems to “email” but it does not appear in my outbox or sent items?


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