How to Submit your EMP201 – Revised August 2014

The EMP201 was revised and came into effect in August 2014. New SARS ETI fields were added. Not to worry, I have a plan to get you back on your way to EMP201 Victory!

After recently receiving a number of frantic phone calls with the intro line: “I cannot submit my EMP201” and not knowing what I might have missed, I started at once to read through the SARS Interim Audits and drawing reports on SARS EMP201. I got quite a fright as I realised all the PAYE, ETI, SDL, UIF fields on the EMP201’s have been moved around again!

Step 1. Relax, we’ll get you back on track.

Step 2. Follow the instructions below. Each letter (A – N) is displayed on the picture below.

Step 3. No decimal separators can be used and always fill up the cent value with noughts when completing values.

SARS eFiling EMP201

A            Enter PAYE Amount from current month Payroll Totals

B             Enter SDL Amount from current month Payroll Totals

C             Enter UIF Amount from current month Payroll Totals

D             Auto calculated by SARS eFiling

E              Complete ETI brought forward from previous month. IF NONE, COMPLETE WITH 0 VALUE

F              Enter valid ETI amount calculated from current month Payroll Totals.

G             ETI Utilized = Basic Math, YOU will need to add sum of E and F and enter here

H             Auto calculated by SARS eFiling

I               Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > (Sum of A – G)

J              Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > Value of B

K             Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > Value of C

L              Enter Penalty and interest if and when applicable.

M            Auto calculated by SARS eFiling > Sum of I +J + K + L (Total Amount Payable to SARS)

N             Period of Assessment

Remember to complete the ETI and VDP Check boxes at the bottom!

If you have any questions please comment below.

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Happy Filing!


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