Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error

Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error

The below Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error is common since windows 8.1. With new updates and features, Windows regional settings changes and does not default as needed. This article will hopefully assist in fixing that problem.

In this scenario, the user had been using Windows 8.1 for couple of months already and randomly one day got this error, so not to say this will happen on initial install or update.

Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error

Have you received the dreaded Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error in your software?

The error message: “TPOSEngineDeposit: Errorposting_etblinvoiceDeposits transaction! Incorrect syntax near” can occur in different Sage Evolution processing environments. It can occur during Retail PoS, Cashbooks and, at times, even Journal transactions.

Recently, a Sage Evolution client had a scenario where there were three databases, on one PC. This Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error only happened on one of the three databases.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this software error.

Reason for Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error

This is caused by the system region being incorrect in the accounting software settings and therefore needing to be changed.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Control Panel | Region and Language
  • Change to English (United States) and then select Additional Settings
  • On the Currency tab, select R as the symbol (Local country currency symbol)
  • On the Date tab, enter an appropriate South African (local country) short date format: e.g. dd/mm/yyyy
  • Select OK
  • Open your Evolution company and test. The initial problem should be resolved

Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error Evolution Incorrect Syntax Error


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