Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) – Standard & Advanced

We have combined South Africa’s leading accounting software with Microsoft® Excel and have produced a reporting tool that revolutionises the way you make decisions in your business!

BIC is an add-on module that dynamically links to your Pastel accounting data, taking your business beyond standard reporting functionality. You can generate spreadsheets by simply extracting Pastel Accounting data and converting it into an easy-to-read, graphic format. Pastel’s BIC retains report formats and makes them available for future use. You also have instant access to ‘live’ information and that last minute journal no longer impacts your Excel reporting. Monthly financials account for a large percentage of manual Excel labour.

Pastel’s BIC offers a customisable pack which provides drill-down functionality. You can customise the standard set of reports and templates, and create new ones. It gives you flexibility with the combinations of financial data you choose to report on.

BIC ships with Management Packs (Balance Sheet, Income Statement), Sales Master (Sales Reports), Inventory, Purchasing options, and more.

BIC Excel Genie

The user friendly BIC Excel Genie gives you the power to transform data using an intuitive drag and drop interface to construct reports.

Reasons why you need the BIC Excel Genie

* It is an extension of the Business Intelligence Centre
* You can generate financial statements from predefined lists
* Edit existing and/or create new financial layouts using drag and drop functionality
* Caters for consolidations, segmented General Ledgers and column reporting using drag and drop functionality
* Refresh newly added accounts into your existing layouts at the click of a button
* Supports the use of native Excel

OLAP Cubes:

OLAP Cubes is an extension to the Business Intelligence Centre. The new OLAP module (Online Analytical Processing) caters for multi-dimensional analysis of your data. It answers the questions ‘what if’ and ‘why’. It analyses trends over months and years from a set of predefined cubes for Financials, Sales and Inventory. You can modify and build your own cubes based on your business requirements, rank customers and suppliers in order of importance and drill-down to the level of detail you need. OLAP is predominantly powerful in analysing large volumes of data where traditional End User Query Reporting may not be appropriate.

Online Web Reporting:

This module is an extension of the existing Business Intelligence Centre module. It provides worldwide secure access to your business reports through a standard web browser. This is an excellent platform to share information with partners, suppliers and customers. All you need is Internet access from your web browser and then authenticate yourself and the reports will be made available to you.

You will have access to critical information about your business from anywhere in the world at any time you choose. Online Web Reporting supports secure access so you receive your reports in a variety of formats across the web for example Microsoft® Excel, PDF or HTML.