This add-on module lets you invoice jobs to customers.

Job Costing Overview

The Job Costing add-on module lets you invoice jobs to customers. A job card is more powerful than an invoice, because it gives you more options when invoicing:

  • Jobs can contain inventory items in the same way as normal invoices. These can also be service items, which you could use to invoice labour hours.
  • Jobs can contain lines that link to general ledger codes. You use these to include overheads, invoice miscellaneous items, process discounts, and so on.
  • You can process a supplier transaction via the job card. The system issues goods received vouchers for suppliers, and invoices for customers, via a single transaction entry line. You usually use this feature to invoice sub-contract work done by a third party for the customer.
  • The system can add a percentage overhead to an inventory or supplier transaction automatically.
  • When you process a goods received voucher, you can allocate a purchase line into a job via the Inventory module.
  • When you process payroll, you can allocate payroll hours into a job via the Payroll module.
  • You can invoice a job partially, thereby creating many invoices for a single job card. This is very useful when a job stretches over a relatively large amount of time, and your customer pays you in stages.
  • You can invoice a negative, reversing line, thereby obviating the need for a credit note.
  • You can create sophisticated job templates, which reduce your workload considerably. For example, if you have a workshop, you can create templates for the most
    popular types of jobs you perform, and copy them each time.

Typical activities for job cards are:

  • Motor vehicle service and repair workshops
  • Equipment repair and servicing, whether on-site or not
  • Control of manufacturing operations
  • Consultants who allocate time and materials to clients
  • Etc.

Before you decide to use this module, you should look at the standard project-tracking feature in the core accounting modules. If you have only minor project or job-tracking requirements, this feature may be sufficient for you. Alternatively, you can use project tracking simultaneously with job costing to enhance your job tracking
analysis. For details about projects and how they fit into the general ledger.

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