This module is an extension of Pastel Evolution Bill of Materials. It separates the manufacturing process into time periods where items being manufactured are transferred into Work In Progress and then into Finished Goods. In addition this module allows you to:

* See a full audit trail of each manufacturing process.
* Draw stock at the beginning of the manufacturing process, and reverse any unused stock once the process is complete.
* Change a Bill of Materials without affecting an ongoing manufacturing process that uses the same Bill of Materials.
* Replace one or more components in an existing process if you need to, and then continue manufacturing with the new components.
* Create by-products in addition to your main manufactured item .
* Forward plan with the material requirements feature.

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With the Manufacturing module, you control this process more fully, both in terms of the time element and in terms of the processes that are available to you. You have the following processes:

Draw Inventory

This lets you draw and reserve inventory prior to beginning the manufacturing process. You can draw a portion of the required quantities, and you can draw specific items only. There is an auto draw feature that draws all the items required in one operation.

Auto Return

This allows you to auto return your drawn items back into stock.

Manufacture Inventory

This performs the actual manufacturing process. You can specify how many items to manufacture. If your manufacturing process takes some time, this lets you keep your inventory quantities up to date throughout the manufacturing process.

Sub Manufacture

If you have sub-assemblies in the main bill of materials, you can specify the manufacture of sub-assemblies. Note that this process automatically draws the inventory required – you do not have to draw inventory for the sub components.

Return Inventory

Once the manufacturing process is complete, you can return any unused components into stock. This is a reverse draw, so you can only return what you have already

Waste Item

If components are damaged in the manufacturing process, you can write them off.  You would then draw more components for use in the manufacturing process.

Create By-Product

Sometimes, when you manufacture items, the process also leads to the manufacture of other by-product items. You can specify this in the process.

Replace Item

If you decide to use an alternate component to the one specified in the bill of materials, you can substitute another item for the original one.

Un-manufacture Item

This is equivalent to the break-up process in the bill of materials module.  It returns components into stock and decreases the quantity of manufactured items.

Variance In

This lets you bring stock into the process and optionally adjust the cost price.

Variance Out

This lets you take stock out the process at the cost price.

Over- and Under Manufacturing

This feature allows you to manually adjust the quantity (increase or decrease) of the drawn items on the bill.

As you can see, you have much more control of the process. You can draw components as you need them, bring items into stock as they are manufactured, process and
document returns and wastages and other variances, all in one process.

Note that you do not have to exercise full control over every manufacturing process. You can manufacture in one operation in the same manner as in the Bill of Materials module.

When you process customer sales, you can continue to manufacture on the fly as you can in the Bill of Materials module. IN addition, you can link a sales order to a specific manufacturing event.