The Bank Manager add on module gives you the ability to work with bank statements that you download via the Internet.

Eliminate the stress of completing your monthly bank reconciliation process

• Developed using the latest technology, Bank Manager Version 2 summarises your bank statement displaying a graphical view of your allocated and unallocated transactions.
• For convenience, the date of the last import is displayed on the summary screen and at the bottom of the screen the cash book in use is displayed.
• Your import can be saved and if you make a mistake you can always revert back to the saved state.
• Search is enabled on just about all columns.
• Payments can be moved to receipts and receipts to payments when required.
• Mappings added in the previous version of Bank Manager will be converted.

The new Statement Summary feature

A completely new, very exciting feature included in Bank Manager V2 includes the Statement Summary pop-up screen (see screen shot below) with the following functionality:

• A pie chart giving a breakdown of the transaction allocation. You will be able to further drill down eg. Unallocated amounts, etc.
• A summary for the bank reconciliation.
• An option to view the last 10 posted transactions (5 payments and 5 receipts).
• A graph indicating the period balances for the selected cashbook.
• You can change the Recon period and statement balance.
• Should the option Do not Automatically Show this Summary not be ticked this screen will display each time Bank Manager is launched.

Note that this module is available in South Africa only.

Bank Manager compiles the cash book electronically by using the bank statements of all the major banks in South Africa as the base. The basics of this system are as follows:

  • After the first bank statement download,
  • you assign recurring account coding to transactions that recur from month to month
  • You attach a unique statement transaction identifier to a Pastel account.
  • The result, in the following months, is that the system automatically codes recurring transactions exactly as they should be for the cash book batch.
  • In the following months, you only have to code new transactions.
  • You can split lines into multiple accounts. For example, you may wish to allocate rent to different departments. You can save the split lines and reuse them in the next bank statement download.
  • For custom or complex changes, you can instantly export the transactions into Excel, make the changes, and instantly import the data back into Bank Manager.

This module is only available while you have a valid Pastel Cover contract.

Watch this video to learn how to use the Bank Statement Manager V2 in minutes 🙂