Once you grant credit to your customers, it is essential to your cash flow and ultimate profitability to collect all outstanding monies as soon as possible. The Debtors Manager module helps you to optimise your collections process, and generate up to date and accurate cash flow forecasts from your debtors book.

Debtors Manager is always synchronised with your Pastel Accounting data. There is no need to keep updating Excel spreadsheets, or to scribble notes on the age analysis printout. Debtors Manager provides instant visibility as to what is outstanding, why it is outstanding, and when you will collect the outstanding invoices.

The Debtors Manager module is a custom collection system that allows you to effortlessly:

  • Keep track of all calls made to customers and the promises they make.
  • Instantly link your notes and the Age Analysis balances in a single report.
  • Create daily call back reminders and action lists for easy follow-up.
  • Track all outstanding invoices, and then categorise all outstanding amounts into clear reports. For every outstanding invoice you will know:
  • Why it is outstanding
  • When it will be paid
  • What has been done to collect it, and what actions you should take
  • Quantify all of the above data into meaningful financial reports.
  • Select from a menu of up-to-date and accurate cash flow reports.
  • Drill down and get reconciliations of invoices outstanding per aging category per customer.
  • Email clear and concise payment reminders for every single overdue invoice per customer.
  • Track movement in balances per customer and per aging category with the Age Analysis Movement Report.

This module is only available while you have a valid Pastel Cover contract.

Here are two ‘How to Use Debtors Manager’ video clips compliments of Sage Pastel:

How to save and track a Promise to Pay