Pastel Multi-Currency allows you too:

  • Process customer and supplier transactions in their currency.
  • It allows you to track foreign currency for customer and supplier values in both the foreign and home currency
  • You can view balances and transactions in either currency at any time
  • You can maintain separate buy and sell rates for each currency
  • Pastel Multi-Currency maintains a history of exchange rates so that you can process transactions at earlier dates using the most accurate exchange rate

Partner has the following multi-currency capabilities:

  1. You can create up to 30 currencies.
  2. You can create foreign currency customers, suppliers, and bank accounts, and you process these accounts in their own currencies
  3. You can view and print invoices in your home currency or in the customer’s/supplier’s currency.
  4. You can create and update exchange rate tables for each currency at any time.
  5. You can produce financial statements and other reports in any currency.
  6. You can levy tax on foreign currency transactions if necessary.

This ensures the accuracy, in the processing of foreign currency transactions in your business environment.

Besides dedicated foreign currency reports, you can produce a variety of reports, including financial statements, in any currency


The Revaluation Assistant: