Together with the Pastel Partner Inventory module, the Pastel Partner Multi-Warehousing module allows you to set-up and use multiple stores or warehouses. Working with multiple stores is almost identical to working with normal inventory. The only difference is that each time you want to access an inventory item, you specify the store in which the item exists.

Some common uses of this module are:


You may keep inventory in separate physical locations. For example, you could have multiple branches, each situated in different cities. In this case, you would have the same items in each store, and you can transfer quantities between these items.


If you manufacture goods, you may wish to keep your raw materials in a separate store so that operators do not sell, or get confused by, these raw materials.  It also keeps the size of the store from which you do sell much smaller, which speeds up operators when they choose items. You could also create a further store for work in progress items.

Consignment/Sales Representative Tracking

You can create a store that contains inventory you have given to a customer on consignment. You can also create a store for your sales representatives, if they take samples or actual stock on the road. This makes it easy to track and control these items.

Great features of Multi Warehousing include:

  • Ability to link users to one or more stores and prevent users from accessing items in other stores
  • Creation of up to 999 stores with an unlimited number of inventory items per store
  • The same inventory item code can exist in different stores and will share all item fields except quantities, cost prices, selling prices and reorder information.
  • Ability to copy selling prices from one store to another, per item or per store
  • Ability to transfer items between stores using a Store Transfer Journal
  • Inventory reports will allow you to filter on stores.

IBT Journal (click image to enlarge)


IBT Report (click image to enlarge)