This is our Sage Pastel Accounting Support Consultants request logging page.  If you require training, data recovery, corruption fixes, or support for your Sage Xpress or Partner Advantage software then this is where you log your support incident.  Please complete the form below, in full, and we will contact you to assist further.

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E2E Business Solutions’s Head Office is in Cape Town.  We’re a Sage Pastel Accounting Business Partner and our Sage Pastel Accounting Support Consultants specialise in the sales, installation, implementation, training, support, and, data recovery/repair of Sage Pastel Partner Advantage, Sage Pastel Xpress (Sage Pastel Accounting), Sage Pastel Xpress Startup, Sage Partner Payroll, and, Sage Evolution BMS software platforms.

We also offer various vertical development options for our clients, including the integration of pre-existing custom software into either of our primary software platforms (Sage Pastel Partner, and, Sage Evolution BMS).

Our 3rd Party Application Development services are detailed here: 3rd Party Development

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