How to Register Employees for Income Tax

How to Register Employees for Income Tax in 5 Easy Steps

Income Tax Numbers have become as important as ID or passport numbers in your Sage Pastel Payroll. When hiring a new employee, whether foreign or local, independent contractor or freelancer, permanent or temporary, PAYE Employee or below the income tax threshold – if you pay them, they need to be registered in your Sage Pastel Payroll.

While it is likely that an employee will already be registered for income tax from their previous employer’s EMP501/IRP5/IT3(a)submission, when this is not the case, the responsibility falls on the employer to register the employee for income tax with SARS.

Fortunately, SARS e-filing assists in bulk registering all employees not previously registered for income tax numbers. You can now register employees online using your company SARS e-filing profile.

How to register employees using SARS e-filing:



If you get the message “Individual Already Registered” when trying to register or in the case of an employee not knowing their income tax number, the employee should simply phone the SARS call centre on 0800 00 7277 who, upon verification of personal particulars on record, will then furnish the individual with their income tax number.

It is important to note that the employer cannot phone SARS and request any Employees’ Income Tax number.

I hope this serves both as advice to all employers to get their employees registered and also as an aid in doing so!

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