How to use the Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) for Reporting (Part 2) : Branch/Dept Reporting

I came across a company that had multiple store locations within their business and was setup using the Warehouse module for each store location. They had a Head Office and 3 retail sites. They were struggling to extract basic Income Statements per ‘Branch’, and, could therefore not get real time reporting per branch.

A simple solution to this would be to setup your COA (Chart of Accounts) to include the Branch setup, for example:

Main Account: Sales 1000
Sub Account: Head Office = 100
Sub Account: Retail Site 1 = 200
Sub Account: Retail Site 2 = 300
Sub Account: Retail Site 3 = 400
The GL Accounts would therefore look as follows:
Sales HO 1000/100
Sales Retail Site 1 1000/200, etc. and to follow this convention throughout the Income/Expense portion of your COA (eg: COS HO 2000/100, COS Retail Site 1 2000/200, etc)

Once this structure has been configured and your Inventory and Customer Groups integrated into the respective GL accounts, you’re now ready to build your report. Fortunately, BIC already offers a fantastic Financial Pack for exactly this kind of reporting: Management Pack. All we have to do is set a report Parameter to only filter on the respective Branch (Sub-Account) and we’re away.

1 Launch the BIC Report Manager

2 Create a New Folder “Custom Reports”

3 Right click on your current Management Pack Report and Export it to your desktop

4 Then Right click on your “Custom Reports” folder and select Import Report

5 Be sure to select “Pastel Evolution Auto Connect” as your target connection setting on the import screen (at the bottom) and be sure to give your report a Name that describes what we’re now doing (eg: Management Pack by Branch)

6 Select ‘No’ for the Container questions (this forces the creation of new containers, the reason for this is so that any edits we do on the new report, won’t affect the old one)

7 Once imported, double click on your new report, double click on “Union Sub Reports” and right click on the Trial Balance sub report and select “Go to Sub Report”

8 In the report View pane on the right hand side, select the Parameters Tab and Select ‘Add’

9 Select the GLSubAccount field, select ‘OK’

10 Select the ‘Equal To’ option, select ‘OK’

You can now run your report, select your Sub Account (Branch) and use the Management Pack to give you all of its Income Statement options by Branch, how cool is that!

This has of course got many other applications, it can be used for internal department reporting as well.

Post a comment or drop me an email if you want to chat about this.

Happy reporting 🙂


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