User Defined Fields

Increase size of User Defined Fields

UDF (User Defined Fields) are fields you need to create to hold data or information not available in Sage. Example would be a hairdresser wanting to on customer account, holding information of their preferred hair styles. This feature in Sage Evolution makes customizing data to suit business needs more flexible. Th feature itself is also available to transactions. This is available to both transaction lines and headers.

Setup User Defined Fields

When creating an UDF and making it a String (Free hand text field),  you are actually limited to 250 characters. Depending on requirement you need more space. in many instances you have to type information in that just won’t fit into 250 characters. in this set of 250, user defined fields count spaces, comma’s, full stops, apostrophe’s etc. as characters. by having the flexibility to now increase the user defined fields with more characters will allow you to accommodate these needs.

Did you know that the maximum number of characters allowed in a UDF of type String, is actually 1024?

  1. Open the new UDF field setup screen (via Administration | System Configuration | User Defined Fields)
  2. Capture all the required fields. Data Type must be = String
  3. On the Field Size, enter your required value, not exceeding 1024 and Enter on the keyboard (DON’T TAB)


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