Whilst at an Evolution Site the other day I was watching the internal techie testing various workflows in the Evolution Resolve module.  He’d created a workflow that ran across a number of Sage Evolution Agents.  To test that each Agent was being correctly allocated in each step he had to Exit & Log off then log back on as the Agent to check.  Given that they have a rather large CRM user count this was taking an extremely long time.  I asked if it would make a difference if he could have Multiple Instances of Sage Evolution open simultaneously on the same workstation.  This would then allow him to be logged on simultaneously as all the Agents he was testing in the workflow.  He could then jump between each of the multiple instances of Sage Evolution to test his CRM workflow and incident allocations.  He rolled his eyes as if to say “if only”…..

How to setup Multiple Instances of Sage Evolution

As a consultant, seeing a client struggle and being able to make such a big difference in their lives by making a small adjustment is a sweet moment.  By accessing the Properties of your Evolution Shortcut and adding ” /multiinstance” (don’t forget the space) to the end of your Target line, you can launch Multiple Instances of Sage Evolution (limited by your User Count).  I opened 4 Evolution Instances, one under each of the respective Agents and showed him that he could now simply jump between the screens to test his workflow allocations (I thought he was gonna kiss me, ha ha ha).

The uses are of course far more diverse than simply testing workflows for the Sage Evolution CRM.  For example: if you’re setting up Agents and you want to verify their permissions before allowing them access.  Or if you regularly need to work in more than 1 Company you could have them each open for easy access (just be sure to know which one you’re working in before you post the wrong batch 🙂 )

Multple Instances of Sage Evolution

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