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Are your current codes serving a purpose,  or creating headaches???  Would you like to Renumber Codes?  Let’s see how the experts define Coding.  One of the common acronyms used is SKU.

SKU stands for “Stock Keeping Unit,” and is conveniently pronounced “skew.” A SKU is a number or string of alpha and numeric characters that uniquely identify a product. For this reason, SKUs are often called part numbers, product numbers, and product identifiers.

In Pastel we refer to Item Codes. You assign each inventory item a unique code. The inventory code field can contain up to fifteen characters.

If you have many inventory items, you should attempt to structure your codes,  and use some sort of intelligence in your coding. This will make it easier to remember and find codes that you use often.

You may find these suggestions helpful to Renumber Codes:

Inventory codes sort alphanumerically. To group codes together in an inventory list, use similar numbers or letters at the start of their codes.

Always use the same length for your inventory codes. This makes them much easier to remember.

If part or all of the inventory code is numeric, they MUST be the same length in order to appear in numeric sequence. You may have to enter zeroes on the left to accomplish correct sequencing. For example, the codes AB8, AB9, and AB10, will print in the sequence AB10, AB8, AB9. To get the correct sequence, you should code the items as AB08, AB09, and AB10. These will then display in the correct sequence.

Similarly,  It makes sense to use the same principle when creating ALL your codes in Pastel,  (Customers,  Suppliers,  Stores,  Projects etc).

Should you decide that your codes are in fact NOT serving their purpose,  You have the ability to Renumber these codes,  using the RENUMBER CODES facility.  Simply choose the code,  and change it!!!

TIP: You cannot do this when you have open batches.

Renumber Code 1Renumber Code 2

Renumber Code 3

I hope this helps.

Cheers for now.


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