Pastel Partner Payroll

Pastel Partner Payroll

Pastel Partner Payroll

In-house Payroll in South Africa having become a very integral function of the Daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly working core of Companies in South Africa with the majority of businesses falling into the Small to Medium enterprise sectors.

Especially in the current financial climate where efficiency and complex, consistent reporting and administration of your Payroll is a must have. Not only for costing and management purposes but equally for statutory and legislative compliance which is becoming more of a straining head-ache for companies still running “Manual Payrolls”. Eg. SARS E@syfile Tax Year End EMP501 and IRP5 submissions, Skills & Equity Reporting, UIF Electronic Submissions and Industrial Council Remittances thus striving toward complete automation.

Being Proudly South African has evolved into being compliant, Legal, efficient and “On Time”!

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Pastel Partner Payroll

Sage Pastel Payroll provides you with access to an easy to use, accurate and secure payroll solution with all the features you require. It integrates seamlessly with the Pastel Accounting software suite and most other accounting software packages available on the market.

This payroll product is available as a stand-alone, single-user version for the smaller company or is scalable up to 10-users for a larger company and can accommodate an unlimited number of employees in varying employee brackets and can grow with your company. It caters for the full spectrum of requirements, from pre-defined, standard sets of transactions for less complicated payrolls, to more powerful and customizable features and functions for payrolls with more sophisticated requirements.

Up to date compliance with Statutory and Legislative changes.

Also additional modules can be added to the Standard Software to further enhance efficiency and Time saving on previous Tedious additional processing and Reporting requirements giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your Business.

Modules Include:

Employee Self Service Module – Pastel Partner Payroll
Sage Pastel Payroll’s Employee Self Service (ESS), is a web-based self service tool enabling employees to manage and maintain their own information online. ESS provides employees with a user-friendly means of streamlining payroll and HR administration online, while at the same time improving communications with department heads, administrators and management.

ESS enables employees to make on-line applications for leave, loans, bursaries and more. Employees can now submit their travel claims online, view their payslips, update personal information, download HR related documentation on a real-time basis.

• Secure Login
• Update Personal Details
• View Documents Online
• Online Application Forms
• Online Travel Claims and Logbooks
• Workflow Capabilties

Industrial Council Compliance Module – Pastel Partner Payroll
Pastel Payroll caters for the following Industrial Councils: MIBFA, MIBCO / MICFA, the Electrical Industry and the Road Freight Industry as well as the Private Security Industry. This module will even provide you with the ability to generate the applicable Industrial Council’s electronic submission files.

Now you no longer have to manually complete the Industrial Council reports. Simply generate the submission file and e-mail it to the applicable Industrial Council at the click of a button.

This way you are ensured that all your calculations are correct the first time around, eliminating the chance of data-capture errors!

Multiple Transactions Manager Module – Pastel Partner Payroll
The Multiple Transaction Manager Module allows you to give the entire company a salary increase based on either a set value or a specific percentage and process a production bonus or commission by only using one screen. Over shutdown periods, putting your entire workforce on leave has never been this quick and easy. This feature allows you to make global updates to any transaction within the payroll system to all, or a selection of employees. These transactions can include leave, bonuses, travel allowances, commission, to name a few.

BI Payroll: Excel Reporting Module – Pastel Partner Payroll
What do you get when you combine South Africa’s leading Payroll software with Microsoft® Excel? A reporting tool that allows you to manipulate reports in order to make improved decisions through business intelligence (BI).

If you entrust Microsoft® Excel to share, present and analyse information, then this module is for you. BI Payroll: Excel Reporting is a module that dynamically links to your payroll data, taking your business way beyond traditional reporting functionality, using the power of Microsoft® Excel.

Our standard, ‘pre-set’ reports save you time.

This module ships with more than 20 standard report formats such as a job costing report, year-on-year leave comparison report, leave taken listing, rate report, years of service listing, to name a few. The module retains amended spreadsheet layouts and makes them available for future use. These reports can be ‘sliced and diced’ according to your own unique requirements, with comprehensive graphical illustrations for easy analysis and reporting purposes.

End-user Empowerment.

If you retain and save the design of your spreadsheets, you will avoid having to re-format them every time you generate the Excel report.

Customised Reports.

You can customise the standard set of reports and templates, and even create new ones.

Your FREE 60-day* trial period allows you unlimited access to the full functionality of this module.

* Effective from date of registration.

Third Party Payments Module – Pastel Partner Payroll
With our Third Party Payments Module, any company deduction or contribution can now automatically be paid over to the relevant company with the click of a button.

No more manual capturing required with a once-off beneficiary (third party) setup. You can eliminate human error and save valuable processing time as well as obtain a detailed transaction listing report per employee and party. Third Parties can include Provident Funds, Medical Aids, Garnishee Orders, Industrial Councils, OID, EMP201 SARS payments, to name a few.

Salary Structuring Module – Pastel Partner Payroll
Pastel Partner Payroll’s Salary Structuring Module offers you amazing functionality to calculate individual employees’ remuneration packages. It is like having a Salary Structuring Assistant! This module simplifies the complicated task of structuring a Total Cost To Company remuneration package, according to the employee’s letter of appointment. By simply entering the total package value and various package components, Pastel Payroll will calculate the value of the remaining Cash Component and update the employee’s payslip with the structure you define. Alternatively, make use of the Nett to Gross Package calculation to accurately determine the Gross Basic Salary required to ensure the employee receives an agreed Nett Pay amount in each pay packet.

The Salary Structuring Module offers 8 calculators to assist you with the quick calculations of various allowance and fringe benefit values. Based on information provided by your employees, you can now calculate an accurate value for Travel Allowances or the taxable benefit value of a Company Vehicle without having to understand or refer back to any of the complicated rules and regulations required by legislation.

Our Salary Structuring Module can be used to structure an employee’s pay package using one of two methods namely Total Cost To Company or Nett to Gross Salary. In addition, there are 8 calculators built into the Salary Structuring Module to assist you to calculate the fringe benefit of the Use of Company Vehicle, Private use of Assets, Free and Cheap Accommodation and many more.

The standard functionality of the Salary Structuring Module has been enhanced with an Assistant Wizard which is available to set up new employee salary information.

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