Personal Tax Filing Season Opens

Personal Tax Filing Season Opens

Welcome to yet another filing season where the everlasting search for efficiency continues. As always, accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to filing personal tax. All details on your online ITR12 must match the IRP5 that you received from your employer. To aid you in your quest for competence, here is a list of what to double check before submitting your Personal Tax:

  1. ID Number and Date of Birth
  2. Income Tax Number
  3. Mobile & Home telephone number
  4. Home and Postal Address
  5. Banking Details (Especially the easily missed ‘Cheque or Savings’ as your type of account)
  6. Income and deductions Source Codes (Match those up to your IRP5 from Employer)
  7. Medical Aid information
  8. R.A Totals
  9. All additional Income Tax related info for input onto your ITR12.

If any of this information is incorrect or missing, simply make use of the “Refresh IRP5 Data” function on your e-filing profile. If this fails to resolve the issue, contact the issuer or employer immediately.

What to look out for from SARS and what’s still to come:

  • “Help-you-eFile” will be an online interactive channel to liaise with SARS in filing your Tax Returns.
  • The eFilling App
  • A “MobiSite” for doing you online Tax Return

Some Helpful Videos:



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