Financial Year End

Sage Evolution Financial Year End

Sage Evolution ERP is continually being updated to ensure more user friendly features are made available. Such as Financial Year End. Version 7 contains updates inspired by suggestions from existing users as well as updates in security and functionality.

The latest new feature is that Sage Evolution version 7 caters for unlimited financial periods so running a first year purge is no longer a requirement after five financial years.

Setup of Financial Year End

Financial Year End

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Prior to version 7, Sage Evolution retained transaction history for five financial years and a first year purge had to be performed to create the new financial year. Doesn’t the above seem better already?

In Sage Evolution version 7 however, financial years can be added to allow processing without running a purge after 5 years.

On Accounting Periods under Company Details there’s now an option to ‘Add Financial Year’. Once this Option to ‘Add Financial Year’ is selected, a new financial year will be added incrementing the periods from the last financial year.

Should you have any queries please comment below.  I will be happy to do upgrades and training if required. Why not consider an Upgrade now too.

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3 replies
  1. Violet
    Violet says:

    This problem was logged as a defect by Sage (defect reference number EQ18328) and was fixed on version 7.00.210.

  2. Robert
    Robert says:

    May i also add, we already added the 6th Financial Year successfully – the only issue is to have the 6th Financial year show on our Transaction History – view under sales/Purchase


  3. Robert
    Robert says:

    Hi We’ve crossed over to our 6th Financial Year on the first of this Month (Yesterday) – Followed every instruction to purge Financial Year 1, Did Inventory Transaction Purge, AR & AP Purge –

    We went thorugh Purge only because we are not able to view the 6th Financial Year on our Transaction History – sales/Purchase view –
    We hoped that purging Year1 might solve the issue and swift the year down to show our new current year, however it does not, after purging Year 1 , we are not allowed to delete it, i am not sure if this is a bug or something else. We have gone through every setting we can possible come across to try solve this but so far unable to.

    Really hoping someone out there have a solution to this.




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