Sage Evolution Fixed Assets

Sage Evolution Fixed Assets

Do you have assets within you business that aren’t being tracked, or, aren’t even listed on an official asset register?  Take the hassle out of Fixed Asset tracking with the Sage Evolution Fixed Assets module.

If, like many out there you don’t have an official register, or, your Fixed Assets register is run on an excel spreadsheet, you understand the frustration of having to maintain a large spreadsheet. The formulas required to calculate depreciation are sometimes not copied to all the relevant cells. Perhaps assets aren’t added correctly. Or their depreciation method has been recorded incorrectly. These issues often only become apparent when the auditors arrive by which time the journals have already been posted in your accounting package. Invariably adjustment journals have to be processed and so the headache continues.

This module can be purchased as a standalone, if you don’t have Sage Evolution as your primary Accounting system. Alternatively, if you do already use Sage Evolution, then the Fixed Asset module is easily and seamlessly incorporated into your existing Sage Evolution Package.

As a standalone package, Sage Evolution Fixed Assets can be integrated into Sage Pastel Partner. The depreciation journal that is generated can be checked prior to posting.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    • Track each asset’s value
    • Record sales, disposal or loss of assets
    • Revaluation of current assets
    • Depreciate assets value correctly
    • Maintain an accurate fixed assets register
    • Integration with your financials
  • Stand-Alone or Integrated

    One of the main reasons for a fixed assets package is to derive values from fixed asset activities and post these values into your General Ledger.  You can accomplish this in three ways:

    1. Directly into Sage Evolution
    2. Directly into Pastel Partner
    3. Manually/Stand-alone
  • Grouping Assets

    Keeping physical track of assets is a tedious process.  Some assets are identical such as chairs and desks.  some are unique (vehicles), and others look similar but are different inside (computers).  Computers are an example of assets that are complex to manage.  They change constantly – you add memory, replace a hard drive and so on.  Keeping track of these changes manually or on a spreadsheet is tedious at best, impossible at worst.  Sage Evolution Fixed Assets allows you to group and link assets in logical ways so that your asset records mirror your physical assets as closely as possible.  You have the following capabilities:

    • Multiple Units
    • Master and Sub-Assets
    • Asset Type
    • Cost Centre, Department, Location

information source:

Adding a new Asset in Sage Evolution Fixed Assets

Sage Evolution Fixed Assets

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