Evolution Shortcut Keystrokes

Sage Evolution Shortcut Keystrokes

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a quicker, more efficient way of doing something.  It’s little things like simplifying daily tasks that go a long way in making working life more enjoyable.  To make your processing easier, here are some Sage Evolution shortcut keystrokes that will radically improve your productivity.

General system Evolution shortcut keystrokes:

<F1> – This key will launch the built in Sage Evolution Help Function, you can press this key anywhere in the Sage Evolution system and receive help information on the screen you have open.

<F5> – This key will refresh the current node that you have open in Sage Evolution.

<Ctrl> + <F5> – These keys will refresh the System Tree within Sage Evolution.

<F7> – This key will open the NOTES function in the module in which you have open.

<Alt> + <X> – These keys Exit Sage Evolution and close the program.

<Ctrl> + <Shift> + <E> – By pushing this combination on the log in screen you will be able to see the version of database you have and the version of the Sage Evolution software you have installed. The version of the database and software should be the same version in order for you to log into the company.

Journal and cashbook batch Evolution shortcut keystrokes:

<Ctrl> + <L> – These keys validates your batch. You should always validate your batch before processing.

<F9> – This key allows you to process your batch.

<Ctrl> + <P> – These keys Print your batch for you.

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <Del> – These keys clear your batch of all the lines in your batch.

<Ctrl> + <N> – These keys adds a new line to your batch.

<Ctrl> + <Del> – These keys Delete a line.

<Alt> + <S> – These keys Split the line you are currently on.

Processing Evolution shortcut keystrokes:

 <Alt> + <N> – Add a line note to the line you are on

<Alt> + <Ins> – Insert a new line into the transaction

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <C> – Use this combination to Copy a line

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <X> – Use this combination to Cut a line

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <V> – Use this combination to Paste a line

<Ctrl> + <F5> – Toggle between Inclusive/Exclusive VAT

<Ctrl> + <B> – Explode the BOM item to show all components

<F8> – Show the unit of measures for the line items

<Alt> + <S> – This combination will show all the serial numbers for this item.

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <M> – This combination will confirm the maximum amount of qty for each line in the transaction.

These shortcuts makes processing and navigating through Sage Evolution much quicker, therefore making Sage Evolution even more user friendly. I hope these shortcuts will help you save time during the busier months so you can focus on running your business or department.

If you know of any other Sage Evolution shortcut keystrokes that are not mentioned here, add them in a comment below.



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