Sage Evolution V7 – Why you should be excited!

The news is out and everyone’s excited for the latest Sage Evolution Version 7. Sage Pastel Accounting has launched Sage Evolution 7, bringing customers a new version of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that delivers the efficiencies and productivity gains offered by the latest mobile and cloud technologies.

So what is all the fuss about, Sage Pastel Accounting has moved onto a new Delphi XE5 technology platform to ensure that your investment in the software will be safe for many years into the future.

Sage Evolution version 7  has new usability features to help you work faster and more accurately. Sage Evolution has taken the opportunity to give the software a new look and feel by changing the icons to create a more user friendly interface. The icons were selected to represent the different modules more effectively and assist users to easily navigate their way around the software.


Some other features and functions in Sage Evolution 7 that will help you enhance productivity and save time include:

  • An Auto Text feature, similar to predictive text in smartphones, which saves time spent typing in common phrases and words.
  • A Global Search feature that makes it fast and easy to find transactions by value, category and date.
  • The Utilities function, which allows you to make quick changes to selected transactional data such as invoices. All changes are recorded in a log file to be viewed and reviewed again.
  • Key Performance Indicators Dashboards that present transactional information in a graphical format.
  • Support for an unlimited number of financial years so that you can keep your financial records for as long as you want to.
  • Visual reports – this amazing new feature is a pivot table allowing you to mix and match information to display the results as you would like to see it visually with full drill down functionality.
  • Sage Pastel Accounting has further tightened the security features of the software in the new version. You can now use more complex passwords or biometric identification (thumb or fingerprints) to protect your accounts.
  • Document Profiles allow you to control which data and information different users in the organisation may access.

Watch this space for release dates and other news on Version 7 release.

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