Sage Pastel Mobility

Sage Pastel Mobility

Do you know what Sage Pastel Mobility is?  Think of it this way: Desktop Accounting meets Cloud

Have you ever wanted a mobile solution to your Accounting package where you can transact via your smart phone or tablet? Now, you can do just that with “Sage Pastel Mobility”. Pastel introduced this fantastic feature some time ago and underwent a few updates and changes to enhance user experience. Let’s take a look at the features available in this add-on:

Sage Pastel Mobility

With Sage Pastel Mobility, your sales reps will be able to process quotes, sales orders and invoices with this amazing app which interlinks with your desktop accounting software.

Pastel Mobility Quote

You can access your stock levels and pricing at any given time.

Pastel Mobility Stock Level Pastel Mobility Stock Price

Get customer information with a touch of a button, straight on your mobile device.

Pastel Mobility Customer Information

Like when selecting a customer address, it opens up your GPS app (like Google Maps) on your mobile device and locates the address on the map. Now just click on go and your app directs you to the customer.

Pastel Mobility GPS

Or when selecting a contact number, it automatically inputs the number on your dial pad.

Pastel Mobility Dail Screen

Or when you select an email address, it automatically opens up a new email with the selected email address.

Pastel Mobility Email

When processing an invoice, quote or sales order on Sage Pastel Mobility, it creates a document with a W prefix in an open batch on the selected user’s profile. WI for invoice, WW for Sales Order and WQ for Quote.

Have more than one company to transact on? No problem. Simply set up the Sage pastel Mobility users in each company and you will be able to open the different companies on your mobile app once logged in.

Pastel Mobility Company List

If you need any help setting up Sage Pastel Mobility, please log a request on our website by clicking here

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6 replies
  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    If the signature was included in the app we would be using it.
    Currently using other software to invoice – like invoice2go – I can get the customer to sign off the delivery.
    Some customers of mine wont accept delivery unless it has been signed off

    • Christo Erwee
      Christo Erwee says:

      Afternoon Derek

      Sage is constantly working on the Mobility App to enhance features and user experience. I will mail the Sage development team with your suggestion.
      Please continue reading our blogs to get the latest updates on the Sage Pastel Mobility app.

      Thank you for your feedback and have a blessed 2017.

    • Christo Erwee
      Christo Erwee says:

      Hi Brian, thank you for your comment.
      Mobility is definitely the way of the future. It enhances the productivity in your business.
      I will be keeping my eye on this add-on for the latest news on Sage Pastel Mobility.
      So, keep reading our blogs to stay on top of the latest developments.

    • Christo Erwee
      Christo Erwee says:

      Hi, Steve

      I agree. This broadens any company’s horizons with the ability to transact immediately, without having to wait till you get back to the office. Ensuring you have a better chance at clinching the deal.


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