Status 30

Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress – Status 30

Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress – Status 30 – Files in your Company database cannot be accessed.

With winter around the corner the usual bout of colds and flu viruses can only be expected, computer viruses however tend to take us by surprise.

One particular Ransomware virus known as ‘Cryptowall’ has been doing the rounds as of late, affecting networks both locally and internationally.

This mean bug encrypts your data and holds it to ransom.  Ransom takes the form of payment via bit-coin only and apparently your data is unlocked on receipt of payment.

The only other solution is a restore.

As this is not a Sage Pastel issue, if you have received this error or you find that your software is not working as it previously did, we can only suggest asking your IT Administrator to check the entire network.

Many of my clients have been receiving this particular error when working with Inventory:

Status 30 – (One or more files in your Company database cannot be accessed.  Please contact your local support centre or distributor for assistance) File 45 (Adjust Inventory – accbsj.000(user))

Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress – Status 30 – Files in your Company database cannot be accessed


After much troubleshooting and discussions with the Sage Pastel Technical Team, this is the “cure” I received:

The virus takes the form of a file left in the Sage Pastel folder or a company folder. If you open the folder is says “how to decrypt 3.0”. The errors that they have picked up are random.  

A format of the machine is required to completely get rid of the virus and thereafter one needs to restore a backup from a viable external source that was not affected by the virus.

You can attempt to delete all files with .00* extensions including defaults and controls. And thereafter try again.

Usually, when one deletes the batch file in question, the virus recreates it and it and goes on in an endless loop.

Should the deleting of the .00* files not work, the only other option is to restore a reliable backup.


Like any condition, prevention is better than a cure. One of the recommended applications to use to prevent an attack can be found here:

Before installing this, make sure that it is approved by your IT Administrator.

Please be vigilant and do not open any attachments that you are not certain about.

I sincerely hope you survive the winter without getting bogged down by this bug!

All the best,


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