Sage Pastel Payroll PAYE Tables Update + Sage Pastel Tax Guide

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Download your Sage Pastel Payroll 2016 PAYE Tables from this blog, or, we’ll arrange the upgrade for you!

End 2 End Business Solutions has been in the Sage Pastel software support and sales field for well over 10 years. When we have the opportunity, we share the latest Payroll and Accounting updates with our clients via our blogs so that as a subscriber you get notified before anyone else!

Employers are required to deduct PAYE from the earnings of people who work for them. These tax tables change every year and need to be updated on your Sage Payroll software in order for your software to generate the correct amounts. Be the first to have the 2016 PAYE Tables applied to your Sage Payroll software.

Simply contact and we will gladly assist you with your Sage Payroll upgrade:

Alternatively download the upgrade yourself, HERE.

What’s more is the budget speech has come and gone and it’s time to make sure you are up to date with all the latest tax requirements.

Download your free Sage Pastel Tax guide HERE.

If you have any questions regarding this or require Sage Payroll support, you can contact us on 0214479565 or comment below.



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