SARS E@syfile 6.0.1 now released!!

Dear Bloggers and E@sy-filers,

An update – e@syFile login credentials problem
The latest version of e@syFile™ Employer is now available – as on 26 April 2012. Version 6.0.1 addresses problems with login credentials by correcting a few technical issues affecting various operating systems. All other features that were introduced by SARS for this year’s PAYE recon are unaffected and can still be used to assist employers to file their reconciliation declarations. ***

Very Important: Make a backup of your current E@syfile DB before even attempting to download any newer versions. Make sure you know the exact location of that E@syfile backup and if it was made successfully.


Please note: The updated e@syFile™ Employer version for Apple Mac will be available at a later date.

Any information submitted to SARS using a previous version of e@syFile™ Employer, will not be accepted.

Good Luck!

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