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Payroll – SARS Goes Mobile

It’s finally here, as most of you have probably discovered the SA Tax calculator on your mobile phone and even more so most of your employees have also found this wonderful app. Probably have come to you questioning “their PAYE being too high this month “according to SARS””.

In our “Generation I-connected” as everyone now is in the process if not already been published on the web, connected, blogged, Posted, Tagged, Poked, tweeted, done online farming, met someone online, chatted or even just now discovered e-mail…

All this has been made possible by a complete revolution in our country’s information technologies and internet access infrastructure. Most individuals who has not got daily access to Desktop computers, laptops, notebook, netbooks, Tablets, Ipads etc, has now got internet access and multimedia capability on even their mobile phones.

Needless to say it was only a matter of time and development from one of our, if not the biggest compliance demanding establishments to join this E@sy access, mobile age.

SARS has now also migrated their award winning efiling service onto the mobile services with the launch of their SARS efiling apps for majority of mobile and smartphones available today.

We have had some great reviews from our clients and their employees who have already used this app or the mobile site to review their personal Income tax profiles, change or update their personal details, submit ITR12’s, view ITA34 and naturally  view the Tax Calculator for the recently personal income tax filing season for Non-provisional income tax payers.

We would like to get some feedback from you out there if you have any comments on these apps or simply read some more on this great new innovation from SARS in their campaign to “Get you Good at Tax”. Download and try it.

Next time your employees are waiting in long queues outside your door asking for their IRP5’s, you can now not only say:

  • You can register online for efiling and view your IRP5 there.

You can also inform them:

  • Download the SARS efiling app and you can view, change details, file, submit, make payments etc etc etc within minutes. If they are on facebook or twitter, they CAN efile!!!

I have downloaded some of the How to, mobile site and install guides for you at the bottom of this article.

Also see excerpt from the SARS website on these apps:

eFile via your phone or tablet
Submitting your individual Income Tax Return (ITR12) on your cell phone via our mobisite and App is now an option for people on the go. With the eFiling App, taxpayers will be able to file their individual Income Tax Returns quickly and easily on their iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablets.Functions available on the eFiling mobisite and App:

  • Registration for eFiling
  • Password reset
  • Submit your individual Income Tax Return (ITR12)
  • View your notice of assessment (ITA34)
  • View your Income Tax Statement of Account (ITSA)
  • View your tax calculator
  • Request for Correction (RFC).

To access the mobisite via your phone, type in or download the app from the App store for iPhones and iPads or from the Google store for Android devices:

FAQ – SARS eFiling App and Mobisite – External FAQs

SARS efiling app android 2012

SARS efiling app Apple 2012

How To eFiling Mobile App – External_Guide_18.10.2012

How to eFiling Mobile Site – External_Guide

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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