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SARS Interim Submissions Season opens September 1st! Are you Ready?

The bi-annual interim SARS Submission season is opening soon and we’ve been preparing for the wave of consultation bookings that stream in after the first 6 months of the tax year. As a Sage Pastel Payroll Support Channel Partner in Cape Town, we’d like to offer our assistance to your company in advance, to ensure you are prepared for this important milestone.

Important points to consider during SARS Submission season:

  • Is your Sage Pastel Payroll software SARS compliant?
  • Is your Sage Pastel Payroll software backed up?
  • Are your copy companies in order?
  • When did you apply for your Current Tax Tables?
  • Will your Actual EMP501 Declaration Payroll Totals Balance to SARS Submission and Payments?
  • Has your EMPSA got a clean bill of health?
  • Have you been claiming ETI?

Starting the process as soon as possible will help avoid unnecessary delays, leaving enough time to resolve any issues PRIOR to the SARS submission. Late submissions are not advised as the smallest variance in your Payroll will cause unnecessary penalties and interest from SARS. This is followed by countless letters, lengthy queues and excessive visits to the SARS office.

These mistakes are preventable and hinder many companies from obtaining the tax clearance certificates they need each year. Currently, End 2 End Business Solutions help numerous companies with variances submitted on their SARS re cons in the past.

Every effort is going into discovering errors and collecting fees from mistakes in your tax return, which means you simply cannot afford mistakes when it comes to SARS and your business. SARS employed 50% more auditors in 2012 and even more this year with targets to collect. This means your chances of being marked for a SARS audit are increasing exponentially each year.

What are SARS Administrative Penalties?

Click below for more information on what (and why) SARS will be levying this year:

SARS Admin Penalties

Be sure you have the following ready and updated on the current Payroll prior to Month End

  • Income Tax Numbers for ALL employees on the system, current and terminated
  • All current and terminated employees’ personal details are correct.
  • Any tax directive numbers inserted on current Sage Pastel Payroll if applicable.
  • Any employees not processed on the active Sage Pastel Payroll company are processed.
  • Ensure that PAYE, UIF and SDL are added onto the monthly EMP201 and Remittances.
  • Ensure that reports and payments are up to date.
  • Ensure that SARS E-Filling Profile is Active & EMP501 (Offline Submission) is activated under Organisation Tax Types. (FOR ALL PAYE ENTITIES/COMPANIES).
  • Ensure that all EMP201 Payments have been made and EMP201 forms confirmed to SARS.

The process is identical to the annual year end submissions. The only difference is that NO IRP5’s will be generated from the SARS software to be furnished to employees.

To guarantee a smooth submission or Sage Pastel payroll audit process, please contact Francois for immediate support.

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Are you ready for the SARS Interim Submission?

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