Personal Income Tax Return Deadlines

SARS Personal Income Tax Return Deadlines Approaching

Have you submitted your Personal Tax returns or received confirmation from the Auditors that your Provisional Tax return or Personal Tax ITR12 – IRP5 has been submitted successfully?

Had to Pay in this Year??

How much did YOU get back?

Do you Travel for Business?

Did YOU Keep a Travel Log Book?

Keep an eye on our Blog as I will be giving you pivotal advice that I find is not being addressed sufficiently and Individuals are bearing the brunt.

Is your Income Structured Correct in terms of SARS Acts?

E-mail me if you are not 100% certain:

For now, Take note of the pertinent deadlines for personal tax submissions.

Provisional Tax and Payments                                    – 29 August 2014

Personal Tax Season (Manual Submissions)        – 26 September 2014

Personal Tax Season (Efiling Submissions)            – 21 November 2014

Be On Time!!

Be On Time!!

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