2016 Sage Pastel BP of the year

After a complex and uncertain business year that was filled with many challenges End 2 End Business Solutions has won the Sage Pastel BP of the year award for the Western Cape for the second time in 4 years! (Sage Pastel Business Partner of the year)

Sage Pastel BP of the year

Congratulations to everyone involved and a big thank you to all our customers that have supported E2E during this time.  Without our Customers support or our consultants dedication to their work this achievement would not have been possible.

Our upgraded support logging infrastructure and full time support desks have been well received.  This has directly assisted with improvements on service delivery turn around times.  Something that we will continue to work on for 2017.

The economic trend towards a more digital environment affords everyone many exciting new options for the future.  Sages improved and integrated service offerings are helping SMME’s bridge the gab between traditional trading methods and new and innovative solutions whilst still remaining affordable.

As a leader in our industry we endeavour to remain up to date with these improved service offerings.  It is our aim to pass on as many of these new solutions as possible.  The express purpose is to improve our clients efficiency and hopefully profitability.

In closing, an award is only as good as the competition and we have great competition.  Well done to all the other resellers.  Congratulations again to the Sage Pastel Accounting department of End 2 End Business Solutions. You guys rock!

General Manager

2016 Sage Pastel BP of the year