Year End Backup in Pastel V17

Pastel Version 17 is upon us and development enhanced some of the regularly used features. One of these changes, affects the backup procedure when processing the year end. Let’s take a look at how this changed:

Backup regularly

Now as we know, making regular backups of your Pastel data is vital for any business. This doesn’t only help yourself when restoring a backup, but also provides your Pastel consultant with more information, should they have to do a data-fix.

Year End Backup V17

The year end procedure hasn’t changed much. The only difference comes in when you decide not to create a new company.

Do not copy company Backup

A backup screen will pop up, prompting for a backup before the year end process starts. Here you can backup like you normally would.

Yearend Backup

Should you exit the backup window you’ll be presented with a notification window of the implications when not creating a backup.

Warning Backup

When clicking yes, you will be taken back to the backup window. Should you click no, an entry will be captured in the System Changes Audit Trail under the Backup Parameter Category.

System Changes Audit Trail Backup

Xpress Start-Up V17

Please note: Xpress Start-Up packages only allows you to create one company. Therefore it is absolutely vital to make a backup before processing a year end, since you won’t be able to create a copy company.

Apart from making a backup at year end, I cannot emphasize how important it is, to make regular backups. Even if you make use of an automatic backup system like Irontree, please still make your own backups at year end. Backups make data fixing so much easier for your Pastel consultant.

Should you have any queries or need assistance with any Pastel related query, you can log a support incident on our website by clicking here.

Looking forward to hear from you

Pastel Partner Forms Designer V17

Editing forms in Sage Pastel has always been tricky, however, now with Pastel Partner Forms Designer V17 following a few of these easy steps your forms can look unique and professional:

Pastel Partner Forms Designer V17 Made Easy

Border Color, Fill Color and Rounded Corners on Boxes

Customize your documents by changing the border colors and the colors of the boxes on the documents. You can change the boxes from square corners to rounded corners to enhance the look of your documents.


Convert all Text and Fields to Individual Font:

Change the header and footer fonts on individual forms. This selection will then ignore the font settings selected in the Pastel Font Setup from the menu bar.

Currently all text fields are predefined (either as Main or Title) you cannot change the font or size, however changing it to individual you can. Selecting convert will change all text fields and you don’t have to select one by one.




Convert to Greyscale:

Convert your document to greyscale to ensure that the document is not printed in color on a color printer.


The form will then look like this:


Color Replacement Tool and Select all Same Color:

Select a color and replace the selected color with a new color throughout the document. This option selects all items in the form that are the same color and you can reformat these selected items.




Inserting a logo is not that difficult however for some reason the logo sometimes disappears, Now with Pastel Partner Forms Designer V17 the Image file is automatically stored in the company folder.


Images are sized according to available space and no longer change their aspect ratio (This can be overwritten by selecting no)

Images automatically resize when added to a document.


The form in short would then look like this:

New Forms Designer V17

If you require any assistance,  please call our call center:
+27 21 447 9565

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Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

What is Sage Pastel My Customers Zone? It’s an add-on providing your customers with an online profile to access their invoices and statements.

Ever wanted a web based solution where your customers can log in, view their invoices & statements and make payments online, right there and then? Now you can do just that with Sage Pastel My Customers Zone. Pastel introduced this fantastic feature some time ago and underwent a few updates and changes to enhance user experience. Let’s take a look at the features available in this add-on:

Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

There are two parts of the Sage Pastel My Customers Zone, namely: Customer Console and Admin Console.

Customer Console:

When a customer logs in on Sage Pastel My Customers Zone, a homepage displays where they can view the last invoice which was invoiced to their account, the last payment they made, the terms linked to their account as well as their credit limit.

Customer Login - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

The Accounts menu, grants them access to view their statements or to see which transactions are still outstanding on their account. From here they can also print, save or pay (Sage Pay account needed) their outstanding invoices by a click of a button.

Statement - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone Outstanding Transactions - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone


Admin Console:

When logging in on the Sage Pastel My Customers Zone, a nifty dashboard displays, where you can view how many payments were made to you, the total Rand value of those payments and how many documents were paid. These payments appear on a nice graph which can be viewed in weekly, monthly or yearly format.

Admin Login - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

The Settings menu consists of options to set up site branding and store additional branding images. Also link your cash customers or send invitation emails to ‘on account’ customers. This email contains a link for them to create their online profile on Sage Pastel My Customers Zone.

Branding - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

Cash Accounts - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

Communications - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

Store Images - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

The Documents Menu gives you access to view all documents, like invoices and credit notes, processed on Pastel. Use the search function to locate a specific document. You can also upload and attach additional documents to the online documents. This Documents report can also be exported to Excel.

Documents - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

After linking your Sage Pay Account under the Sage Pay menu, you can view all payments made to you. Both successful and failed.

Sage Pay Payments - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

Lastly you have access to an Authorization Report which displays who logged in & when. There’s also a Document Views Report which displays which documents were viewed by your customers. Both these reports also include the search function and can be exported to Excel.

Authorization Report - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone Document Views - Sage Pastel My Customers Zone

Need help setting up Sage Pastel My Customers Zone? Log a support request on our website by clicking here

Sage Pastel Mobility

Do you know what Sage Pastel Mobility is?  Think of it this way: Desktop Accounting meets Cloud

Have you ever wanted a mobile solution to your Accounting package where you can transact via your smart phone or tablet? Now, you can do just that with “Sage Pastel Mobility”. Pastel introduced this fantastic feature some time ago and underwent a few updates and changes to enhance user experience. Let’s take a look at the features available in this add-on:

Sage Pastel Mobility

With Sage Pastel Mobility, your sales reps will be able to process quotes, sales orders and invoices with this amazing app which interlinks with your desktop accounting software.

Pastel Mobility Quote

You can access your stock levels and pricing at any given time.

Pastel Mobility Stock Level Pastel Mobility Stock Price

Get customer information with a touch of a button, straight on your mobile device.

Pastel Mobility Customer Information

Like when selecting a customer address, it opens up your GPS app (like Google Maps) on your mobile device and locates the address on the map. Now just click on go and your app directs you to the customer.

Pastel Mobility GPS

Or when selecting a contact number, it automatically inputs the number on your dial pad.

Pastel Mobility Dail Screen

Or when you select an email address, it automatically opens up a new email with the selected email address.

Pastel Mobility Email

When processing an invoice, quote or sales order on Sage Pastel Mobility, it creates a document with a W prefix in an open batch on the selected user’s profile. WI for invoice, WW for Sales Order and WQ for Quote.

Have more than one company to transact on? No problem. Simply set up the Sage pastel Mobility users in each company and you will be able to open the different companies on your mobile app once logged in.

Pastel Mobility Company List

If you need any help setting up Sage Pastel Mobility, please log a request on our website by clicking here

Correcting your POS slip printer

As a Pastel Point of Sale (POS) user you may have noticed that your POS slip printer isn’t quite printing your POS slip with all the entries aligned correctly.  Now this might be a small point but if you’re like me, it’s an issue.  Read further below to see how you can do something about it.

As a Point of Sale user,  you may be experiencing issues with text that is not aligned when using a slip printer.  This is due to the Font that is being used.

Here’s an example of what the normal slip layout might be giving you.

Non aligned slip printer

If this is what your slip is looking like, then you might want to do something about it.  Studies have shown that even the smallest of changes to how one interacts with ones clients can have even a subliminal effect on future business.  Now not everyone looks at their POS slips, most of them hit the bin behind the counter, but for those clients that take it away with them it’s a way for you to leave a reminder to the client that your store is a point of convenience that they should return too.  When they look at your slip and it’s messy, it doesn’t really give a good “please return to us” kind of message does it?  Ensure your POS slip printer is printing a neat slip with your basic contact information and even if it makes a 0.01% difference to your annual client returns, it’s something.  Besides, at the very least it’ll look good!

Here are the steps you can follow,  to correct the alignment, when printing your till slip to a slip printer:

1.   Select Shortcut Functions | Printer font Setup
3 Printer Fonts button for slip printer
2.   Set the Main Font and Title Font to Courier New
4 Fonts Settings for slip printer
3.   Click OK
4.   Reprint the slip and you should see that the fields are now aligned as shown below.
5 Aligned Slip Printer


Good Luck!!

Steve Billington

Sage Evolution ERP: Manufacturing in a Job Costing Environment

Do you have the Job Costing module or want to start manufacturing? Or, do you have a manufacturing company but can’t quite seem to get the normal Manufacturing module to work for you? Then you’ll be happy to know that the Sage Evolution Job Costing module can process manufacturing for you as well as whole lot more. Here’s a look at a few of the Evolution ERP Job Costing Module’s functions:

1. Templates

The first feature in the module is of course the templates, you can indeed create your “recipe” using the template feature of job costing. These can be edited at any point and when used, can be changed to accommodate the environment of the process.

Sage Evolution ERP: Manufacturing in a Job Costing Environment Templates

2. Workers

In Job Costing you can create your staff/labourers as Workers and assign them to the job. With this feature, you can add a cost to them and a billable rate. In doing so, you can factor some margin into the time.

Workers Sage Pastel Evolution ERP Manufacturing Job Costing Workers

3. Accounts Payable

On a job, you can also assign a supplier, thus allowing for those sub contracting components. This eliminates the need for unnecessary service stock codes. Also, when a supplier is used, it will automatically post a journal to the supplier so no need for PO’s or any other unnecessary processing.

Job AP Sage Pastel Evolution ERP Manufacturing Job Costing

4. Job Card processing

a) In job costing processing, the first thing I want to demonstrate is that you can easily load your templates in the actual process, thus saving you that extra time.


b) When on a Job Card, you may want to see what your profits are based on revenue and costs. You would have noticed that you had a tab on job cards for Inventory, Payables and General Ledger. This feature will show you per module and “All” will put all together inclusive of workers, giving you an overall result. One thing to bear in mind here is if for example, Accounts Payable is showing a loss that doesn’t mean overall you have a loss. It simply means that, that module is a loss because costs exceed revenue, but under “All” you may still have a profit. This profit is of course less than the loss so as you decrease your losses, so too will you increase your profits at a later stage.

Job Module Forcast Sage Evolution ERP: Manufacturing in a Job Costing Environment

5. Manufacturing

Once you have added all components of the process on a job card, you need to ensure the job and lines status is set to Active and then save the job card.

Where you see your List of Job Cards you will get an Option Make Inventory Item.

Once you select this, this will allow you to change your Job Card and all components into a finished product.

Notification Sage Pastel Evolution ERP Manufacturing Job Costing Job Complete


In the Item you choose, the costs from your forecast become the cost of this item, and the revenue becomes the selling price. If you manufacture, say, 20 units, this module will divide costs by 20 to calculate Cost per unit and divide revenue by 20 to calculate Selling per unit.

This module really is powerful in assisting you with manufacturing so call me today if you require a demo or any further details of the module.


Important SARS Submission Deadlines For 2015

With so many deadlines and projects running we at End 2 End Business Solutions find it vital to remind you of some important SARS Deadlines for the remainder of the year.

One of the most important being the Employer Annual Reconciliation Deadline.

This is for ALL employers to have their EMP501 Declarations which is also the submission of the Employees’ Tax Certificates.

The deadline for these submissions is 29 May 2015.


SARS EMP501 Graphic - Reconciliation

SARS EMP501 Graphic – Reconciliation


Important SARS Submission Deadlines For 2015

 25-05-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 29-05-2015 – Employer Annual Reconciliation ends
 29-05-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 05-06-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 25-06-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 30-06-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 01-07-2015 – Start of Tax Season for Individuals and Trusts
 07-07-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 24-07-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 31-07-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 07-08-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 25-08-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 31-08-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 31-08-2015 – Submission and Payment of Provisional Tax
 01-09-2015 – Employer Interim Reconciliation starts
 07-09-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 25-09-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 30-09-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 07-10-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 23-10-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 30-10-2015 – Employer Interim Reconciliation ends
 30-10-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 06-11-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 25-11-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 30-11-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
 07-12-2015 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
 10-12-2015 – End of 16 Days of Activism against abuse
 24-12-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
 31-12-2015 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers


Please let us know if you need any assistance with your Tax Year End EMP501 and Tax Certificate Submissions.


Sage Evolution Shortcut Keystrokes

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a quicker, more efficient way of doing something.  It’s little things like simplifying daily tasks that go a long way in making working life more enjoyable.  To make your processing easier, here are some Sage Evolution shortcut keystrokes that will radically improve your productivity.

General system Evolution shortcut keystrokes:

<F1> – This key will launch the built in Sage Evolution Help Function, you can press this key anywhere in the Sage Evolution system and receive help information on the screen you have open.

<F5> – This key will refresh the current node that you have open in Sage Evolution.

<Ctrl> + <F5> – These keys will refresh the System Tree within Sage Evolution.

<F7> – This key will open the NOTES function in the module in which you have open.

<Alt> + <X> – These keys Exit Sage Evolution and close the program.

<Ctrl> + <Shift> + <E> – By pushing this combination on the log in screen you will be able to see the version of database you have and the version of the Sage Evolution software you have installed. The version of the database and software should be the same version in order for you to log into the company.

Journal and cashbook batch Evolution shortcut keystrokes:

<Ctrl> + <L> – These keys validates your batch. You should always validate your batch before processing.

<F9> – This key allows you to process your batch.

<Ctrl> + <P> – These keys Print your batch for you.

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <Del> – These keys clear your batch of all the lines in your batch.

<Ctrl> + <N> – These keys adds a new line to your batch.

<Ctrl> + <Del> – These keys Delete a line.

<Alt> + <S> – These keys Split the line you are currently on.

Processing Evolution shortcut keystrokes:

 <Alt> + <N> – Add a line note to the line you are on

<Alt> + <Ins> – Insert a new line into the transaction

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <C> – Use this combination to Copy a line

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <X> – Use this combination to Cut a line

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <V> – Use this combination to Paste a line

<Ctrl> + <F5> – Toggle between Inclusive/Exclusive VAT

<Ctrl> + <B> – Explode the BOM item to show all components

<F8> – Show the unit of measures for the line items

<Alt> + <S> – This combination will show all the serial numbers for this item.

<Shift> + <Ctrl> + <M> – This combination will confirm the maximum amount of qty for each line in the transaction.

These shortcuts makes processing and navigating through Sage Evolution much quicker, therefore making Sage Evolution even more user friendly. I hope these shortcuts will help you save time during the busier months so you can focus on running your business or department.

If you know of any other Sage Evolution shortcut keystrokes that are not mentioned here, add them in a comment below.



Partner V14 Automatic Bank Feeds

Sage Pastel Partner Version 14 is due for release this month.  I would like to talk about one the exciting new features in this release, namely Automatic Bank Feeds 

Bank Manager has now been taken to a new level with Automatic Bank Feeds. What this means is,  is that there is NO MORE downloading and importing your Bank Statement into Bank Manager. Through Automatic Bank Feeds, Your Bank statement is imported directly into Bank Manager. You are still able to continue working in Pastel, whilst the  Feeds populate.  Also,  the mapping that you have already configured,  will still be applied.  This means that 80% of your work will have been done for you.

In order to take advantage of this new feature,  you will need a couple of things in place:

An active Business Care Licence
Bank Manager
You will need to create a “Read Only” account in your Internet Banking

For peace of mind, Automatic Bank Feeds make use of internationally recognised 3rd party software called Yodlee.  You can read more about this software by visiting

How to use Automatic Bank Feeds:

Select your Bank.

Bank Feeds 1

Enter your online banking details. (Please note: this info WILL NOT be stored anywhere in Pastel.)

Bank Feeds 2a

Select your Cash Book.


Select the Bank Account linked to the Cash Book.


Request Bank Feeds. (Please note: You can only submit one Automatic Bank Feed per day)


Select Automatic Bank Feeds as the Statement Provider in Bank Manager.


The rest of the processing in Bank Manager is now the same as it was before.

Until next time,  enjoy the time saved.


Sage Evolution – Job Manager

With financial & payroll year-ends many of us will be away on (well deserved) holidays. We will however, still require reports and information about our businesses on a daily/weekly basis. There are a number of ways of doing this in Evolution, depending on the reporting platform you are using for Evolution reporting. If you are using the Evolution standard reporting functionality (as opposed to the BIC or other platforms), you can accomplish this very easily using the Evolution “Job Manager”.

The “Job Manager” is shipped as standard functionality with Evolution Core. It is located in the Maintenance…Common Menu.

Job Open


The Job Manager has the following features/functionality:

  • Multiple jobs can be created and multiple reports can be generated within each job.
  • Each job is created with it’s own run schedule which can differ from job to job. Jobs/reports can also be run on an ad-hoc basis.
  • There are a number of delivery methods that can be used for report output – each report can have different/multiple delivery methods – print, save to file, e-mail.
  • Multiple delivery formats are available, the most common being Excel and PDF, but JPG, TXT and RTF are available.
  • Multiple e-mail addresses can be specified for e-mail delivery.
  • Jobs and reports can be individually enabled/disabled.
  • All instances are logged.

Setting up a Report Job

Click on “Add Job”, select “Report”

Add Job

Name the Job

Name Report Job

Tick “enable” to activate the job and click on the “scheduler” button to set your schedule – follow the scheduler wizard.

Job Schedule


Adding a Report to a Job

Click on the “Add Report” Button. Select the Evolution report that you would like to schedule. In the screen shot below, I have selected the Accounts Receivable Age Analysis – you will need to lookat the “Report Class” column in order to identify the correct report where reports in different modules have the same name.

Add Report

Select the delivery method and output format

Job Report Delivery method

Click on the “Parameters” tab and click on the “Designer” button. The standard Evolution report parameter dialog will pop up – set your required parameters and select your layout required.

Job Report Parameters

When you click on OK, the report parameters will be saved and displayed.

Job Report Parameter Display

You can now preview the report, amend settings, output, etc.

Click on the “Save” button to save your Job and Reports. Add/Change/Delete/Enable/Disable Jobs and reports as required.

You are now good to go!

Points to Note:

  • The Job Manager must be open on the server/workstation in order for it to run – it does not load as a service.
  • Do not change the parameter values in the grid shown above – use the “Designer” button to change your parameter values.
  • If you are in an Offline Branch Accounting environment, you will not be able to run branch specific report from “Head Office” – branch specific reports will have to be run from the branch specific databases.


Happy Reporting…



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