Tax Year End

Tax Year End 2014 Submission Season NOW OPEN

When can I expect to receive my IRP5?

This is a question numerous employees are directing to the finance department and Payroll administrators. The correct retort to these employees requests is to inform them that the company is processing tax audits and submissions that are only due now. The personal income tax filing season for non-provisional tax payers will only commence on 1st July 2014. Tax Certificates (IRP5 or IT3(a)’s) will be made available in due course post successful submission and acceptance by SARS.

This year again, as we’ve seen with past years, there are numerous changes to required and additional fields that companies need to conform to and update records.

Here are some of the changes: you can expect:

Courtesy of SARS (

  • Revised Employee Postal Address Format.
    • Click here for example of new format.
  • Employer Tax Incentive (ETI) field required on EMP501 and Tax Certificates
    • Click here for a complete listing from SARS.

These updates need to be done ASAP, especially for larger companies since these requirements are on an individual employee basis, the task can be rather labour intensive.

We’ve already started with the Re Cons and conversions. Don’t be caught out by waiting.

Contact us and we can take the load off for you by managing and submitting the EMP501 Declaration correctly, timeously and professionally. Your Tax Clearance Certificate or SARS Good Standing is depending on it.

Deadline for Submissions – 30 May 2014

This is not an April Fools Joke


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