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Xpress/Partner – On Hold Assistant

I would like to continue from last week’s post regarding the new features in Xpress/Partner V12.1.4. This week, I will talk about putting documents “On Hold”


Placing documents “On Hold” serves many purposes. One in particular, is enabling you to run a Year End Rollover with open batches. Another being the ability to “save” the invoice, and allow a supervisor to double check the invoice, before updating, thereby avoiding the need to process a credit note to rectify any mistakes made.

This feature has been around for a long time, but one of the downfalls of the past, is that in order to place a document “On Hold”, or take a document “Off Hold”, the user would need to open each document individually, and make the relevant change. A time consuming exercise I’m sure you’ll agree!!!

The On Hold Assistant allows the user to select multiple documents, and apply a global change, just with a couple of clicks. For example:

You can choose to view all customer invoices, for all users, and place each document on hold at once.


You could choose to view all invoices for a particular customer, created by a particular user, and take them all “Off Hold”. All of this, with three or four clicks. Isn’t that GREAT!!!

This feature can be found on the “Process” menu option.

Process Menu

On Hold1

On Hold2

On Hold3

Now all you need to do is figure out what you’re going to do with all the time you have have saved.


Have a Great Week!!



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